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District Wide Broadcast Message

Update: Superintendent's Message to Community
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Dear East Side Community,
This is to update my January 9 communication to you about the District’s efforts to keep our schools and programs open and safe for our students and staff. 
As of today, the confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in the District’s high schools for the last ten days (January 2 – 12) is 90 reported confirmed positive cases among District staff (4.15% of all staff) and 1,093 reported confirmed positive cases among District students (4.96% of all students).  While there has been an increase in cases in the last 4 days, that increase is still less than that being experienced in other areas.  (The District’s dashboard with current data, including totals for the Adult Education Program, is updated daily and is on the District website at:
There have been widespread media reports about some bay area school districts reverting to remote on-line learning in response to the current surge in cases.  Those districts had to reverse course and return to in-person instruction.  Districts that refuse to implement in-person instruction risk losing millions of dollars in funding for important programs to serve their communities. 
The state does not currently allow for a public school to provide only remote learning.  Although some students and their families may choose an independent studies program (ESUHSD offers such a program), all students must be given the opportunity to learn in-person.  East Side honors that commitment not just because the state says that is what we must do, but also because we know that our schools and classrooms and programs are vital the physical and mental health and social and emotional well-being of the thousands of students we serve.  Our students count on us every day to provide a safe and welcoming place to learn.  For many, our schools are also a place for healthy and hot meals.  I am grateful for the dedication and commitment of our District teachers and staff to show up every day to honor that commitment and serve our students.
Following the guidance of the County Public Health Officer and the County Superintendent of Schools, the District has implemented multiple layers of risk-mitigation strategies to limit the virus’ spread on our sites and in our classrooms.  Here are some important points to remember as we all work together to manage and stay safe during this latest surge.
  • Free and accessible PPE: All students and employees and anyone else on a school site must wear a properly fitted mask each day covering both mouth and nose.  All our schools have a stock of free masks for any student who needs one or who needs a replacement.  If a student or employee would like to double-mask, we will provide an extra mask for that, too, for free.  Our school sites are also stocked with hand sanitizer. 

  • Timely Communication Regarding Exposures: The District expresses its gratitude for those students and families who have reported the positive COVID-19 test results.  The District continues to provide timely exposure notifications so that you can remain informed and so that you can make positive choices for your student and/or yourself.

  • Ventilation: The ventilation filtration systems in all of the District’s schools, classrooms and facilities have been upgraded to meet public health recommendations and OSHA safety standards.

  • Testing: The District distributed more than 22,000 home antigen rapid tests to students last week.  (Each test pack has two tests in it)  The District has only a limited supply of COVID-19 rapid tests for students and staff returning to school/work after testing positive.  In addition, the District has a testing policy in place for employees.  Santa Clara County continues to offer free testing.  You can schedule an appointment for a free COVID-19 test through the following link:  As is being reported, there is a limited supply of tests available locally and statewide, including take-home rapid antigen tests.  Federal and state government officials have announced that large quantities of rapid tests are being purchased for general distribution.  The District continues to monitor the widespread availability of those tests and, as recently done, will be available to assist in the distribution of those test kits once available.

  • Vaccination: The District continues with its vaccination and testing policy for all employees. We continue to encourage vaccination and boosters for all students and community members who are eligible. Full vaccination has been shown to prevent serious disease and hospitalization from COVID-19. 
The District administrative team and I are in regular communication with employee representatives to address staffing issues and to address concerns about safety issues.  Earlier this week, Governor Gavin Newsom called for new legislation to revive supplemental paid sick leave policies for workers required to stay home from work due to COVID-19 issues.  We are monitoring these legislative developments very closely.
Thank you for your continued efforts and support.  The District’s leadership team and I continue to monitor the public health and safety conditions closely, and we will consider every option and action needed to keep our students, staff and community safe.
In Community,
Glenn Vander Zee
Letter to Community:  English     |     Spanish     |     Vietnamese
Five Day Quarantine Advisory:  English   |   Spanish   |   Vietnamese

Free At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits for All Students
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Dear East Side Community, Students and Families, 
We hope you have had a restful holiday break, and we are looking forward to seeing you on January 3rd, 2022, for the start of the second semester.  This communication is to share some important information with you as we all prepare to return to school.  Due to the diligence of our community in following local and state health guidelines, we were able to keep students and staff safe during the first semester. Because of the rise in COVID-19 case counts locally, statewide and nationally, we are providing additional resources and information to ensure that the transition back to school is as smooth and safe as the first semester for all students and staff.  
Free At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits for All Students
The District has now received free at-home COVID-19 test kits for all of our students.  The test kits will be available for distribution to all students tomorrow, January 3.  All students will receive information tomorrow during the school day on how, and where, to pick up their test kits at school.  Here are some key points about the at-home tests: 
  • The at-home tests being provided have been approved by the FDA under Emergency Use Authorization as rapid antigen tests with results in under 30 minutes.
  • There are two (2) tests per kit.  Each test kit and test is intended to be used and taken by the same student.  The tests should be taken 1-3 days apart as per the manufacturer’s instructions for use.  This program will provide the most meaningful information and protection if each of you takes the 2 tests during the first week of the semester.
  • Below is a link to instructions on how to use the at-home testing kits and how to report results.
  • There is no requirement to use the rapid tests or to submit the test results to the District.  We are making them available as an additional resource for students as they return to school and to keep our students and their families and our staff safe.
 COVID-19 Safety Protocol
  • If you are symptomatic please stay home and get tested immediately.
  • Masks are required for indoor spaces for all students and staff at our campuses and the Education Center unless you are eating, drinking or working alone in an enclosed office.  If you do not have a mask, please let a District staff person know and a mask will be provided to you for free.
  • The California Department of Public Health has updated quarantine and isolation guidelines for COVID-19.  The District is reviewing those updated guidelines, but until further notice, we will continue to follow a ten (10) day quarantine period for individuals who have tested positive.
  • Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer throughout the day.
Traveling and COVID-19 Testing Recommendations
The State of California currently recommends that all travelers arriving in or returning to California from other states or countries should follow CDC travel guidance as well as get tested 3-5 days after arrival.  In addition, anyone with COVID-19 symptoms should get tested immediately and follow public health recommendations. 
East Side continues to be committed to providing free testing for all staff and students at all of its sites as it has since the first semester. Additionally, Santa Clara County also offers free COVID-19 tests at multiple locations throughout the county.  Please follow the link to find testing locations and schedule an appointment. 
Letter to Community, Students & Families:  English    |    Spanish    |    Vietnamese

ESUHSD Audit Committee Seeks Volunteers to Serve on District's Audit Committee
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The District invites applications from persons interested in serving on the school district’s Audit Committee.  Applicants must reside within the boundaries of the East Side Union High School District and meet other qualifications set forth in the Audit Committee Charter. The Board of Trustees will be appointing one committee member with a two-year term from February 1, 2022, through January 31, 2024, and one alternate with a one-year term from February 1, 2022, through January 31, 2023. Committee members currently serving in these positions may apply to be reappointed.
Deadline to apply:  8 AM, January 31, 2022

Our Vision
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Each student graduates prepared for college and career empowered to transform their lives and thrive in a global society.

Our Mission
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We align decisions to create safe, dynamic and relevant learning environments that inspire critical thinking, problem solving and innovation.

Core Values
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Commitment to Excellence:

We believe in continuous improvement through a culture of openness, inquiry and collaboration.  We honor those who take responsibility, demonstrate creativity and take initiative.



We see diversity as a valuable asset that enriches our world-view and strengthens our community.



We allocate resources, develop practices and cultivate mindsets to ensure that each student meets or exceeds standards.



We model personal and professional integrity through processes that are respectful, transparent and proactively engage parents, students, staff and community.


Professional Capacity:

We believe in and invest in the development of each employee and volunteer in our system.

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