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Intradistrict Transfer Process

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Can I request an intradistrict transfer to Calero, Foothill, Apollo, Pegasus, or Phoenix?

No.  The intradistrict transfer process is for the comprehensive high schools only.  If you would like to attend one of the alternative schools, visit the Learning Options page or each school’s individual web page.  You must submit an application or interest form for each of those schools you are interested in attending and must meet the criteria for the school.  For example, our continuation schools only accept Juniors and Seniors.

Which East Side schools are impacted?

The four impacted schools in the district are Evergreen Valley High School, Piedmont Hills High School, Santa Teresa High School, and Silver Creek High School.

What does it mean if a school is impacted?

An impacted school has reached its enrollment capacity for instructional resources and physical support and cannot readily accommodate additional students from outside of its enrollment boundaries.

What is the option area transfer process?

Students who live in the Mt. Pleasant/Evergreen Valley or Silver Creek/Evergreen Valley assigned option areas will be automatically assigned to a school (Mt. Pleasant High School or Silver Creek High School) based on their residency.  For example, students residing in the Mt. Pleasant/Evergreen Valley option area, but whose residence is in the Mt. Pleasant High School boundary attendance area, will be automatically assigned to Mt. Pleasant High School for enrollment. Any student residing in an option area will have first priority to elect to attend Evergreen Valley High School during open enrollment each year, which is February 1st through June 15th. Should enrollment at Evergreen Valley High School reach maximum enrollment capacity, students will be placed on a waitlist and, when enrollment falls below maximum capacity, will be assigned to Evergreen Valley based on waitlist order. 

How soon can I apply for an intradistrict transfer?

Except for the option area transfers, the window for intradistrict transfers for the new school year does not open each year until March 1st for enrollment beginning in the fall of that same school year.  Anyone may apply for an intradistrict transfer during the school year, however it is not recommended to make a transfer in the middle of a semester due to the impact it will have on a student’s grades, social adjustment, and academic progress. 

How do I apply for an intradistrict transfer?

Use the online application linked HERE to apply.  You must start the online application by putting in your home address, which will let you know what your home school is.  Then proceed to complete the application by filling in all the required information.

Are all intradistrict transfers approved?

No. Factors such as current enrollment space, the time of year the application was submitted, and other considerations all determine whether or not an intradistrict transfer if approved.  Applications to impacted schools are usually automatically denied given that impacted sites have reached their enrollment capacity.

What happens to my intradistrict transfer application once I submit it?

The home school APA will first decide whether to approve or deny your application.  If it is approved, it will then go to the receiving school’s APA to determine whether or not to approve or deny your application.   If either the home school APA or receiving school APA deny your application, you will receive an automated response with information about the denial and information about how to appeal the denial.  If both the home school APA and receiving school APA approve the application, you will receive an automated email with information about how to register at the receiving school.  It is important to note that any falsification of information received, or any withheld information may result in refusal or revocation of the request.

How long will it take to process my intradistrict transfer?

While some intradistrict transfers may be processed in about a week, the process time varies depending on the time of year.  In the spring and early summer, sites are waiting to receive current enrollment information before they are able to consider and begin to process intradistrict transfers.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my intradistrict transfer?

First check your spam folder to see if you have received an automated response.  Often these responses are routed to spam folders.  If you still have not received either an approval or denial of your original intradistrict transfer request, you should reach out first to your home school to ask about the status of your request.  If the home school has already approved your request but you have not received a decision, you should contact the requested school.  If you have received a denial and submitted an appeal, you can reach out to our Student Services department to check on the status of your appeal.

If my intradistrict transfer is approved, what are the next steps in the process?

You should receive an automated response with information about how to register at your requested school.  Remember to check your spam folder for this response, which will include the phone number of who you can contact to register.  Your student will NOT be automatically registered, so be sure to follow the steps to enroll your student in the requested school.

What can I do if my intradistrict transfer is denied?

You can submit an appeal by following the instructions and link to the form in the denial notification.  Be sure to include any supporting documentation in your appeal form, especially if your student has an IEP or 504 plan.  If your appeal is approved or denied, you will receive information about next steps by email.

Do I need to reapply for an intradistrict transfer each year?

No.  Intradistrict transfers do not need to be renewed each year.  Your student will automatically be enrolled in the requested school for the subsequent school years once they have begun attending, unless your transfer is revoked (see below).

Can my intradistrict transfer be revoked?

Yes.  Failure to maintain satisfactory achievement and/or citizenship during the period of attendance may result in revocation of that privilege and reassignment to the original school of attendance.  In all cases of revocation of intradistrict transfer agreements, notification will be made to the parent or guardian prior to withdrawal from the current school of attendance.