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A Safe Learning Environment
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Every student has the right to learn in a safe and secure learning environment.
District representatives work in close collaboration with local, state, and federal health, safety, and emergency personnel to develop and maintain plans for responding to a variety of emergency situations. 
Emergency Planning
All school sites have developed a comprehensive school safety plan that addresses three core areas: 1) Uses data to assess school safety 2) Describes how the school site will work to continue providing safe learning environments and  3) Procedures for responding to disasters. 
For more information on the plan please reach out to

Uniformed Behavior Response (UBR)
All schools use the Uniformed Behavior Response to provide support to students who have harmed the campus community by not demonstrating the school-wide expectations. 
Closed Campuses
All schools have a closed campus policy. Students are not allowed to leave without permission. Parking gates are locked during the day.

Report a Safety Concern Anonymously
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If you notice a potentially unsafe condition, please report it immediately to the school principal or to the district Student Services Office at 408-347-5331. You may also submit an anonymous report through Say Something. 
Submit an anonymous tip by clicking the Say Something Logo. Reports may be submitted for the following reasons: 
  • Acts of violence, with or without weapons
  • Verbal or physical abuse, assault or harassment
  • Sexual abuse, assault or harassment
  • Threats seen on social media
  • Bullying, fighting, harassment or intimidating behaviors
  • Bragging about weapons or a planned attack
  • Depression, anxiety or loss of self-control
  • Hopelessness, excessive guilt or worthlessness
  • Reckless behavior, theft and petty crimes
  • Social isolation or withdrawal
  • Substance or alcohol abuse
  • Suicide threats, cutting or other self-harm
  • Any other troubling situation or behavior
How to report a safety concern anonymously