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Interdistrict Transfer Process

Questions about Interdistrict Transfers:Top of Page

How do I apply for an interdistrict transfer?

If you live within the ESUHSD boundaries and would like to transfer OUT of the district and INTO another district, use the online application linked HERE to apply.  Be sure to read the reasons for which a transfer is granted and gather the appropriate documentation.  If you live in ANOTHER district, and wish to transfer INTO one of our East Side schools, please start with your home district’s application.  You can see the map of our East Side schools and boundaries HERE.

Are all interdistrict transfers approved?

No.  Requests to transfer out of East Side are granted based on our board policies and include the following: sibling, change in residence, special program, professional courtesy, and health and safety.  For more information on each of the circumstances and the requested documentation, please click on the application HERE.  Requests to transfer INTO the East Side Union High School District will be considered based on enrollment capacity and board policy.

What documentation should I submit with my interdistrict transfer application?

Please be sure to include documentation related to the reason for the transfer.  For example, if the transfer is for a sibling, the sibling’s transcript should be included.  If the transfer is for professional courtesy, proof of the parent’s employment for the requested school district should be included.  For health and safety requests, a letter from a certified doctor or psychologist should be included.

What happens to my interdistrict transfer application once I submit it?

The home district will either deny or approve the request.  If the request is denied by the home district, they will notify the parent by email.  If they approve the request, the application is sent to the requested district for approval or denial.  The requested district will then contact the family with a decision and/or next steps.

How long will it take to process my interdistrict transfer?

While some interdistrict transfers may be processed in about two weeks, the process time varies depending on the time of year, as two different districts need to process the request.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my interdistrict transfer?

First start by checking your spam folder in case a response was diverted there.  Then try contacting your home district to check on the status of your transfer request.  If the home district already processed the transfer, you should then reach out to the requested district.

If my interdistrict transfer is approved, what are the next steps in the process?

You should receive an email response with information about how to register at your requested district or school.   Your student will NOT be automatically registered, so be sure to follow the steps to enroll your student in the requested district or school.

Do I need to reapply for an interdistrict transfer each year?

Yes.  Interdistrict transfers are only valid for one year and need to be renewed prior to the start of each school year.

Can my interdistrict transfer be revoked?

Yes.  Because interdistrict transfers must be renewed each year, the district has the option of not approving a renewal.  It is expected that students on interdistrict transfers maintain satisfactory attendance, behavior, and grades to be eligible for renewal.