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Special Services

Unique NeedsTop of Page

State and Federal Law ensures that "all individuals with exceptional needs have available to them a free, appropriate public education and related services to meet their unique needs."

Referral and IdentificationTop of Page

Referrals for identification of a student with possible special needs may come from:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Community agency personnel
  • School-based Student Study or Child Study Team
  • Any concerned individual
  • The student

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Assessment will be done only with parent permission, at which time parents will also receive a copy of their rights. Upon identification of a special need for a student, the IEP Team shall consider appropriate services and placement.

Arrangements will be made to have a student's strengths and possible needs evaluated. This will be done through testing and conferences held among those who have worked with the student: teachers, nurses, counselors, therapists, psychologists and others. The assessment must be completed and an IEP meeting held within 60 days after receipt of a signed assessment plan.

Special Education Records
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Special Education records are only available through the Special Services Department. Special Education files will be destroyed three years after the student leaves the district or three years after "usefulness ceases."

What is the South East Consortium Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)?
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ESUHSD is one of eleven Districts in South East Santa Clara County that makes up the South East Conortium SELPA along with Santa Clara County Office of Educaiton. The SELPA's purpose is to ensure quality special education and related services are available throughout the Valley. This consortium of school districts plans and provides regionalized services for students eligible for special education. The SE SELPA also provides trainings for parents and staff. 
SE SELPA maintains a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) parent group that provides support, information, workshops, and valuable links for parents. For more information about the SELPA and the CAC please contact:
Shelly Ota: Director, South East Consortium
Michele Villarreal: Program Administrator, South East Consortium
Helen Huynh: Program Administrator
The SELPA Local Plan including the Annual Budget and Services Plans, Public Hearing Notices, and Executive Council Meeting agendas can be found here (with this link to the SELPA website).