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General Purchasing

Major PurchaserTop of Page

East Side Union High School District is a major purchaser of numerous goods and services operating fifteen high schools and an Adult Education Program. The needs of the East Side High Schools are very diverse, including:

  • basic instructional materials for reading, writing, math, science and art
  • athletic supplies
  • furniture
  • audio and video equipment
  • office equipment
  • maintenance services
  • custodial supplies
  • transportation equipment
  • vehicles
  • computers, printers and software
  • food supplies, services and equipment

The district also seeks services for:

  • equipment maintenance contracts
  • public works contracts
    • For school construction, remodeling, and site improvements
    • Generally means construction, alteration, demolition, installation, or repair work done under contract and paid in whole or in part out of public funds
    • For a full definition of public works, refer to Labor Code Section 1720

We are constantly striving to fill district needs in the most cost-effective manner to obtain the best combination of product, quality, price and service.

Centralized Purchasing ProgramTop of Page

The East Side Union High School District operates its business based on a centralized Purchasing Program.

A Purchase Order (P.O.), properly numbered, signed and authorized by the Purchasing Department, is the only document by which the district obligates itself to a vendor. The Purchasing Department is the only department authorized to sign and issue purchase orders.

This policy is supported by the California Education Code, which requires that public school purchases have district approval prior to the receipt of goods and services.

Vendors are strongly advised not to provide materials or services to the district without first obtaining an authorized Purchase Order from the Purchasing Department. Purchases made in the name of district without an authorized P.O.may be considered a donation to the district or a personal obligation of the person making the purchase and not an obligation of the district.

Vendor ContactsTop of Page

The district urges vendors to deal directly with the Purchasing Department on all purchasing-related matters, including sales calls, sales presentations, promotions, catalog distribution, returns, exchanges and substitutions.

Vendors are discouraged from making sales calls directly at school sites and with district personnel.The district maintains a competitive environment in its approach to purchasing and suggests that vendors first contact the Purchasing Agent for direction and advice before making any sales presentations.This will save time and minimize confusion as to proper roles and authority in the district's procurement process.