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Student Governing Board

ESUHSD Student Governing Board
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On June 21, 2018, the District approved the formation of the Student Governing Board of the East Side Union High School District.  
The purpose of the Student Governing Board shall be to:
  1. Provide a forum for Student Governing Board members to review and discuss upcoming agendas for the East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) Board of Trustees meetings and to meet and discuss school district and school site issues with the ESUHSD Board of Trustees’ designated liaison.
  2. Advise the ESUHSD Board of Trustees on items such as, but not limited to, district policies, community/school-wide initiatives, and student activities.
  3. Provide student input and opinions on upcoming points of business and/or issues.
  4. Foster and develop an informed relationship between the ESUHSD Board of Trustees and the school district’s student body.
The Student Governing Board shall consist of elected or appointed members of the student body from the sixteen (16) high schools of the East Side Union High School District and shall be made up of several component parts, including the Student Assembly, Student Assembly Coordinators, and the Student Governing Board Executive Officers. The total number of Student Governing Board members is up to sixty-four (64).
Student Governing Board Bylaws  (Board of Trustees adopted 06-21-2018; amended 11-17-2022 )

Meeting Dates
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 Date  Room Location
  August 14, 2023
 ESUHSD Board Room
  September 5, 2023
 ESUHSD Board Room
  September 11, 2023
  September 25, 2023
 ESUHSD Board Room
  October 16, 2023
 ESUHSD Board Room
  October 30, 2023
 ESUHSD Board Room
  November 13, 2023
 ESUHSD Board Room
  December 11, 2023
 ESUHSD Board Room
  January 8, 2024
 ESUHSD Board Room
  January 22, 2024
 ESUHSD Board Room
  February 12, 2024
 ESUHSD Board Room
  March  4, 2024
 ESUHSD Board Room
  March 18, 2024
 ESUHSD Board Room
  April 15, 2024
 ESUHSD Board Room
  April 29, 2024
 ESUHSD Board Room
  June 3, 2024
 ESUHSD Board Room
  June 17, 2024
 ESUHSD Board Room
Meeting Time:  4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
East Side Union High School District
Board Room
830 N. Capitol Avenue, San Jose

Questions, contact:
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Pattie Cortese
Governing Board Member
Liaison to the Student Governing Board
Van Le
Governing Board Member
Alternate Liaison to the Student Governing Board
Glenn Vander Zee

Meeting AgendasTop of Page


August 17, 2023




Board Meeting Agenda - 9/24/20
Board Meeting Agenda - 9/3/20
Board Meeting Agenda - 8/20/20



Student Governing Board Officers:
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Emily Hsu
Ava Mallo
Vice Chairperson
Katie Hion
Public Relations Officer
Simran Saini
Attendance Officer
Officer terms:  2023-24