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Educational Technology Plan

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Educational Technology Plan
The district technology plan is focused on technology as a tool for teaching and learning. The priorities of the plan are the curriculum and professional development components as East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) works to continue effective integration of technology into the classroom to increase student achievement.
ESUHSD has adopted a strategic plan and is working to fold the plans of supporting departments and divisions into our single plan.  In every effort we make, we must support the strategic plan and build solutions and activities that lead to its success.

Through our Measure I Ed-Tech Bond, we will provide change leadership training, integrated teaching/learning training directly into our adopted curriculum, skills training, and general logistics, ‘how do I do things’ training.  We provide induction training for beginning teachers and staff.  After year one, staff will return to training either as a refresher or to relearn as processes shift and improve.  Change will be the constant. 

For students, teachers and staff, technology should be used as a transformative device. They are not simply a better pencil and notebook. These tools and methodologies should foster and drive critical thinking, collaboration and communication at high levels, creative thinking, and the development of things that are new or innovative.  They should be used as a tool to connect to our communities and to create community where it does not exist.                         

Click here to view the 2015-2025 Educational Technology Plan for East Side Union High School District.