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Risk Management

Risk Management Information
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The Risk Management Department works to provide a safe and secure environment for District employees, students, and visitors; and assists with the preservation and protection of District property and assets.
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The Risk Management Department is involved throughout the District on many different projects including d​istrict-based services ​such as Facilities, Purchasing; and campus-based activities involving Business Services, and more. Some of the responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

•Administer and manage the District’s liability, property, and other insurance coverages
•Serve as the District’s liaison to the self-insurance program
•Manage claims brought against the District
•Assist with the facilitation of safety and emergency preparedness training

The safety and security of our students, employees, and visitors is one of the District’s highest priorities.
Please report any claim for injury or loss as soon as possible using the following form.
ESUHSD CLAIM FORM (click here)
Claim forms are to be sent to:
Associate Superintendent, Business Services
ATTN: Risk Management
East Side Union High School District
830 N. Capitol Avenue 
San Jose, CA 95133
Phone: 408-347-5051