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Spartan East Side Promise

Summer Spartan Program Session

Guaranteed Admission*
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The Spartan East Side Promise Program (SESP) is San Jose State University’s (SJSU) dedicated support service for ESUHSD students from the time of college exploration through college graduation.

Current ESUHSD Seniors who meet eligibility criteria* are guaranteed admission to SJSU! To qualify, ESUHSD students must:
  • Have a 2.5 GPA (SJSU admissions requires a 2.75 but ESUHSD students get a .25 GPA local boost.) 
  • Complete all A-G courses with a C- or better
  • Meet all deadlines
  • Meet eligibility requirements for SJSU to be offered admission

Students applying to a specific major must meet the eligibility index (EI) score for the major. Eligible students not meeting the EI for their intended major will be accepted as Undeclared. Additional details are available at the Spartan East Side Promise website:

To Apply
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ESUHSD students apply to SJSU at starting October 1st.
For assistance with the application process and to learn about available workshops and support, please see your school counselor.

After Acceptance
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  • Students will be notified of their provisional admission offer through their MySJSU account in late February/early March of Senior Year. Students will have until May 1st to complete the Intent to Enroll process.
    • Note: Students must complete admission requirements by their high school graduation, and will be verified with an evaluation of their final transcripts.
  • Students will have until May 31st to register for the ESUHSD Spartan Summer Program, designed by SESP in partnership with ESUHSD and the East Side Education Foundation. Students must attend Orientation to retain their provisional admission offer and register for courses. 
  • Students will meet academic advisors from their College Student Success Center during the ESUHSD Spartan Summer Program and Sparta Camp Orientation, so that they may learn the process of declaring a major.

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