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Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco & Violence Prevention Programs

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Every school has a Healthy Start type of support program. Staff, administrators, or parents can refer students or students can decide on their own to use the services offered. The following types of services are offered: social services, mental health, drug & alcohol counseling, gang diversion, psychological, smoking cessation, parenting classes and conflict mediation or resolution. Many agencies have staff located on our campuses to assist students with problems. The major agencies are: Santa Clara County Social Services, Catholic Charities, AACI, Asian American Recovery Services, Alum Rock Counseling, California Youth Outreach, Cross Cultural Community Services Center, Filipino Youth Coalition, Gardner Health, Pathways, Santa Clara County Probation, Santa Clara County Public Health and Ujima. Schools also refer students and families to the following outside agencies: Center for Living and Dying, Valley Medical, Planned Parenthood, Restorative Justice, Suicide Crisis Prevention, Bill Wilson Center, Legal Advocates for Youth, Healthy Families, Kaiser and Child Protective Services.
Please note Student Support Service Programs located on site vary by site and by need. To view available services at each school, please click here for English.

Link Crew     
Some schools have established link crews where juniors and seniors are trained to work with freshmen. The upperclassmen are assigned a specific number of freshmen, usually fewer than 5:1 and meet with them prior to the beginning of school and orient them to the school. During the school year they make sure the freshmen are attending school and try to get them involved in school activities.

Camp Everytown
Nine schools have sent at least one team of 60+ students to Camp Everytown where they participate in a four-day intensive camp that focuses on building tolerance and acceptance and eliminating all types of racism.

School Psychologists
The district employs school psychologists who work with school staff to assist students having academic and social problems.

Medical Clinics
Independence and Andrew Hill have medical clinics on campus staffed by medical professionals.

Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco & Violence Prevention Programs
East Side Union High School District works in collaboration with many community organizations to provide on-site services to students and their families.  Drug and alcohol counseling, tobacco cessation (stop smoking) programs, gang diversion, domestic violence, sexual harassment, conflict resolution/mediation, and anger management counseling services are available.
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Other Support Services:

  • Cal Soap After School Tutoring

  • San Jose Neighborhood Services "Open Gym"

  • Intramurals

  • Peer Counseling

  • Student Support Groups

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