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Parent Portal

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Students have been using ARMS to access many of their educational applications. Parents whose email address is in Infinite Campus will automatically be invited to on-board to ARMS. ARMS will be your primary portal to access Infinite Campus, Canvas, and other educational applications. ARMS will also allow you to recover your password if forgotten.
Infinite Campus - Provides “live” access to your student’s class schedule, attendance, grades, and their graduation inventory which details their completed courses fulfilling the graduation requirements. You can also use this system to request an update of your contact information.

On-boarding to ARMS: 
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1. Go to the ARMS portal at:
2. Enter your username provided in the registration email.
3. Click Go
4. Enter your temporary password.
5. Click Go
If "Authentication Failed" click Start Over.

Update Password:
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6. Enter your new password (do not use your first or last name). 
7. Enter your new password again in the next field. 
8. Click the eye to see your password as typed.
Note your password for future reference or take a picture with your phone camra. 
9. Click Go when finished. 
You should receive a message "...Rapididentity Password Reset."
10. Click Go.

Setup Security Questions:
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11. Select a question and answer the first security question.
12. Repeat until all 3 security questions have been answered.
13. Click SAVE.
Once you are logged into ARMS, from the Dashboard, click an application to launch, such as Infinite Campus.
Your Infinite Campus account is already created and is set up with single-sign on.
Note: You will need to register or sign up as a Parent for the other available applications.
ARMS Login
Expired Password Update
Click Go
Setup Security Questions

Forgot your password? Here is how to recover your password:
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  1. Go to the ARMS portal at:

  2. Click Need Help?

  3. Click Forgot My Password and follow the steps.

  4. Enter your ARMS username and click Next.

  5. Answer the challenge question and click Next.

  6. If the question is answered incorrectly, click Start Over.

  7. If the question is answered correctly, the next step will allow you to create a new password.

  8. Enter your password in both fields and click NextImportant: Your password must not contain your first or last name.  Including either will cause the error Password is not valid.