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Income Eligibility Form

Income Eligibility Form
East Side Union High School District is committed to providing students with nourishing breakfast and lunch on any school day. The State of California has implemented Universal Meals for All, which means any student can receive a free breakfast and free lunch every school day.
However, it is still crucial for families to complete an Income Eligibility Form. East Side receives approximately $20 million through this process and the LCAP to provide vital services to students, families, and staff at this school and across the district. 
Examples of the types of services you would support by completing the Income Eligibility Form include:
  • Academic Counseling for each student
  • Mental Health Services for students including counseling and wellness centers
  • $5 Advanced Placement Exams to qualifying students
  • Tutoring services for students
  • Classroom bilingual Para Educators in classes
  • Summer School
  • College and financial aid workshops for students and parents
  • Field Trips
  • Credit Recovery Classes
  • Parent support and assistance
  • Smaller class sizes for our English Language Development classes
  • Primary language support for our limited English speaking students and parents
  • Resources, supplies and equipment for schools and classes
  • Public services like CalFresh, Housing Programs, and others
We look forward to serving your student(s) this school year and hope they are successful in all they do.

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Please fill out the income eligibility form and turn it into your school.
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You can deposit money into your child's account on for the purchase of Ala Carte items.