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International Student Program

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Testimonial 1

Dear Mrs. Nadia

I was not having a great time back when I was still in Vietnam, not until my mom told me about this exchange student program. I suddenly have this strange feeling, the feeling when you are able to reach the impossible. I have been dreaming about studying abroad, especially in the US.

When I first step on the land of free, everything seems to be accomplished, yet unfinished. A new country, a new school, a new culture, meeting new people, new friends, American friends. Everything was so brand new in front of me that I couldn't believe my eyes anymore. I'm in America! People here are so polite, so nice and so kind, especially you Mrs. Nadia, you have always been so nice to me and other exchange students. I love it when you took me and others to the field trip, I was so happy and excited at that time, I mean, going inside Google's headquarter, normal people can rarely do that. Now that I'm studying in the USA, I will try to overcome all of the problems that are coming ahead, and I will enjoy because this year have been a beautiful and miracle year for me. I just want to thank my family and you for creating such opportunity for me, thank you a lot.

I know this is the first year for this program, things are a bit messy but you are going the right way, just keep on the good work and I'm sure everything will be on track.



Khoi Le

International Student from Vietnam

2016-17 School Year

Silver Creek High School 

Testimonial 2

I have had one of the best moments of my life and I absolutely love it in here! All my classes are fine with the way they are now.

Best regards,
Jenna Kylmanen

International Student from Finland

2016-17 School Year

Piedmont Hills High School 

Testimonial 3

I think this program is really good, I can have a chance to try and learn in the modern environment.
Tu Nguyen

International Student from Vietnam

2016-17 School Year

Silver Creek High School