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International Student Program

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Requirements for the Certificate of Eligibility, Form I-20, for the admission of a non-immigrant student to attend high school in the East Side Union High School District are as follows:
Sponsorship Consent Form: 
A student with a host family- If you have a family relative or family friend who lives within Santa Clara County, they must be at least 21 years of age.  The sponsor is someone who is willing to let the foreign student reside with them during your stay.  Please have the sponsor complete the Sponsorship Consent Form.

A student without host family –The District will make every effort to assist the student in locating an acceptable host family. 
Proof of the student’s age (month, day, and year) must be submitted.  The student must be 18 years of age or under and must not have graduated from a high school or equivalent. Please provide a copy of your birth certificate or passport.
Report of Health Examination:
Documentation of immunizations must be submitted. 
Health History and Release Form.  Please have a doctor complete the form.
Tuberculosis –TB Test: All students must submit evidence of a negative result Tuberculosis test with their completed application.  A normal test result should be reported as a negative test.  If a positive result was recorded, an explanation must be provided and a chest x-ray must be completed and certified by a doctor to determine if the student is free of infectious tuberculosis. 
Permission for Medical/ Emergency Treatment Form and HIPAA / Host Family Agreement
Parental Consent Form #1:  Complete form #1 if the student will be living with a family friend or relative that will sponsor.  This form must be fully completed and signed by the parent. (click here to download form)
Parental Consent Form #2: Complete form #2 if the international student does not have a host family to sponsor. This form must be fully completed and signed by the parent. (click here to download form)
Student Accident Insurance / Health Insurance:
 If the international student does not have health and accident insurance, in accordance with Education Code Section 49472, the District is making available a low cost medical /dental and accident insurance program. For more information, please see the link attached:
Please include an original school transcript (an official and a copy) with your application. At least three years of final grades must be included.  If current year’s grades are not yet available, include grades from three previous years (must be translated into English by a recognized translation service).
English Teacher Recommendation Form:
Must be completed by your English class teacher. (click here to download form)
Payment of Tuition:
Federal regulations require payment of tuition to the school district before a Form I-20 can be certified. Complete form. (click here to download form)

Payment of Application Fee:

Non-Refundable $150 per student application.  Bank Cashier’s Check or Money Order.  Payable To: East Side Union High School District FESP Application Fee.

Length of Stay:
Students enrolling in high school are allowed by Federal law to stay one year in a public high school in the United States of America. After completing one year of study the student must then either transfer to a private high school or to a college or go home.
Non-Refundable I-20 Form Processing Fee:
All students and parents must sign and return the Non-Refundable from I-20 with the packet.(click here to download form)