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Facilities Planning and Assessment

School Facilities Master PlansTop of Page

Facilities Master Planning is conducted pursuant to Board Policy 7110 Facilities Master Plan. Facilities Master Plans are based on an assessment of the condition and adequacy of existing facilities, a projection of future enrollment, and alignment of facilities with the District's vision for the instructional program.

Facilities AssessmentsTop of Page

On a recurring basis as needed, facilities needs are assessed to inform facilities planning for major capital projects, minor capital projects, maintenance and repairs.
On an annual basis, the Facilities Inspection Tool is used todetermine if school facilities are in “good repair” as defined by Education Code (EC) Section 17002(d)(1) and to rate the facility pursuant to EC Section 17002(d)(2). The tool is designed to identify areas of a school site that are in need of repair based upon a visual inspection of the site. This annual assessment is conducted each Summer. The resulting assessment is called the FIT Report, which is submitted to the County Office of Education prior to the start of the academic year.
The FIT Report comments and rankings are transferred to the Fall SARC report, which becomes a published document on each school's web site, the District's web site, and at the County Office of Education. California Department of Education also uses the SARC reports for Federal Program Management compliance.

Enrollment Projection StudiesTop of Page

On a recurring basis as needed, student enrollment projection studies are commissioned to inform facilities planning for growth.