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Budget Advisory Committee

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Purpose: The Budget Advisory Committee is a standing committee with representatives from all stakeholders in the District.  Its purpose is to review the District's Budget, share the information with constituent groups and generate recommendations for superintendent's consideration in the Budget Development process.  Members will be asked to serve in rotation for a one to two year cycle.  Responsibilities will include attendance at meetings and sharing of information with their representative group and to represent the interests of all programs and services for the District as a whole. The Budget is fluid and therefore under constant "revision" as revenues and expenditures are clarified.  The Budget Advisory Committee is a vehicle to disseminate information to as many parents, students, staff and community members as possible.  The Committee is advisory in nature and will not have decision-making responsibilities.
Ex-Officio Members      
Glenn Vander Zee Acting Superintendent District Office
Lorena Chavez Board of Trustees District Office
J. Manuel Herrera Board of Trustees District Office
Chris Jew Associate Superintendent District Office
Silvia Pelayo Director  District Office
Administrative Support      
Elicia Gaska Administrative Secretary District Office
TBD Staff to Committee District Office  
TBD   Representing District Office  
Becky Laguna Administrative Secretary Representing Confidential Employees
Neil Silverman
Teacher/IAC Representing AFT Union Members
Jack Hamner ESTA President Representing ESTA Union Members
Brandon Rosato Teacher Representing ESTA-at-Large
Julio Pardo CSEA President Representing CSEA Union Members
Adrian F. Guzman Account Analyst Representing CSEA-at-Large
TBD Principal Representing Site Administrators  
Bjorn Berg Principal/IHS Representing Site Administrators
Vikas Navani Parent Representing Parents  
Carter French Parent Representing Parents  
Brenda Serrano-Perez Parent Representing Parents  
Mulugeta Habtegabriel
Representing Community-at-Large
Abigail Meadows  Community Representing Community-at-Large  
Jagat Shetch Bay Area Community Health Center (BACH) Representing Business Community-at-Large  
Johnny O'Brien  Bay Area Community Health Center (BACH) Representing Business Community-at-Large  
TBD Californians for Justice Representing Civic Community  
Angeles Rojas Californians for Justice Representing Civic Community  
Mario Nieto  James Lick H.S. Representing Students  
Richard Castro James Lick H.S Representing Students  
Jenny Nguyen Silver Creek H.S, Representing Students  
Paula Escobar Evergreen Valley H.S. Representing Students  
Makenna Ma Piedmont Hills H.S. Representing Students  
Kevin Nguyen  Independence H.S. Representing Students  
Angela Huynh (Alt) Silver Creek H.S. Representing Students  
Steven Luo (Alt) Evergreen Valley  H.S. Representing Students  


Budget Development Action Calendar
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The Budget Development Action Calendar outlines all key budget development activities associated with planning and developing the budget for fiscal year 2021/22.  The calendar ensures that all key dates, activities, and stakeholders are involved and are aware of all key budget development timelines and decision points.

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At this time all meetings are held via zoom.  To inquire about the zoom link, please contact the Office of the Associate Superintendent, Business Services at (408) 347-5051.
Meeting dates for the BAC are tentatively scheduled from 4:00-5:30 p.m. on the following dates:
November 12, 2020 
Handouts at the meeting included:
December 8, 2020
Handouts at the meeting included:
January 12, 2021
Handouts at the meeting included:
March 16, 2021
Handouts at the meeting included:
May 27, 2021
Handouts at the meeting included: