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Parent Resources

Useful LinksTop of Page

  • Britannica Internet Guide - Encyclopedia Britannica brings you an Internet guide to more than 65,000 sites, reviewed, rated and categorized for ease of search.
  • Discovery Channel School - Here educators can learn how to use the programming of The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel in the classroom.
  • The Exploratorium - Answers to general science questions and instructions for dozens of science experiments are available on this site.
  • Hobsons - There are comprehensively annotated links to education and career sites, many of them Hobsons' own, with more to come.
  • PTA - A must-see sight for involved parents and teachers.
  • San Jose Public Library - If you can't make it down to the library, this site will help you out. It also provides individual branch information and card catalog.

Parent and Community Involvement SpecialistsTop of Page

Listed below are support staff that work together with school site staff to assist parents with their students.
Site Name Phone Email
Andrew Hill Rita Luna 408-347-4294
Evergreen Valley Victoria Moreno 408-347-7052
Independence Maggie Rodriguez 408-928-9541
James Lick Marcela Parrilla 408-347-4656
Mt. Pleasant Andrea Gonzalez 408-937-2973
Oak Grove Martha Cabrera 408-347-6556
Piedmont Hills Rupert Rosales 408-347-3842
Santa Teresa Elvin Jackson 408-347-6233
Silver Creek Elizabeth Cabrera 408-347-5631
William C. Overfelt Rick Ramirez 408-347-5926
Yerba Buena Dalia Borrego 408-347-4716
Yerba Buena Linh To 408-347-4717
 Andrew Hill Mai Doan 408-347-4149
District Office Sal Martinez
District Office Jeff Moore