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SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

In support of East Side Union High School District’s commitment to building equitable communities and graduating all students ready for college and careers, the district is pleased to announce that all 11th grade students will be participating in the College Board SAT School Day. On March 6, 2019 all 11th grade students will take the SAT - Scholastic Aptitude Test free of charge.

Created by the College Board, the SAT is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. The idea is to provide colleges with one common criterion that can be used to compare all applicants; however, it is just one factor in the admissions decision. Colleges also consider students’ high school GPAs, academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, interviews, community service, and personal essays. The weight placed on SAT scores varies from school to school.


The district is offering the SAT to all Juniors free of charge because of the multiple benefits it provides to student and their families. Here are some of the advantages for students who take the SAT:

  • Allows students to test in a familiar environment.
  • Provides a testing time within the school day.
  • Increases opportunities for students to attend college.
  • Can be considered an “opportunity search”, as SAT scores and student profiles are matched with colleges and scholarships nationwide.
  • Helps students make a more informed decision regarding their future, and opens doors for many different opportunities.


Students can create a free online Khan Academy account to create a custom tutorial for the SAT. More information on this can be found in the enclosed flier.

According to California Education Code and Title 5 regulations, parents do have the right to opt their student out of testing. Although we believe the SAT School Day Administration is an amazing opportunity for all ESUHSD juniors, parents wishing to opt their student out of testing may do so by completing and submitting an opt-out form to their high school administrator.