Magnet Program


The Career Technical Education


Career Pathway Program at East Side Union High School District was designed to provide exciting and unique educational opportunities to our students and to give them choices among many educational programs in our district.

The East Side Magnet Schools offer specialty programs focused on one of the fifteen industry sectors recognized by the California Department of Education. As a complement to traditional course work, Magnets provide an innovative learning experience for students of the East Side Union High School District.

All Magnet programs meet the Competency and Graduation Requirements of the East Side Union High School District. Completion of these specialized high school programs will constitute an excellent background for college, employment, or military service.

Students selected for participation in the Magnet Programs may attend the school selected as long as they continue to participate and meet the requirements of the program. Any student who is dropped from the Magnet Program must return to his/her home school.

Parents can receive more information and meet program coordinators on Magnet Night.

Important Dates:
Magnet Night Thursday, January 26, 2017, 6 pm - 8 pm @ Independence Gym
Magnet Application Deadline Friday, February 10, 2017 by 4 pm
Lottery Friday, February 24, 2017 @ 3:30 pm at the District Office Lounge
Please apply online here. Downloadable PDF application can be submitted to:
Career Services
East Side Union High School District
830 N. Capitol Ave
San Jose, CA 95133
Please contact Phuong Nguyen (408)347-5244 with any questions.

Magnet Programs


Arts, Media, & Entertainment 


 Animation Studio

Are you artistic? Do you want to do work that is both lucrative and creative? The Animation Pathway Mt. Pleasant High School helps you develop core animation skills as well as the real-world professional skills needed to succeed in college and a variety of creative fields in animation.

Participating in Mt. Pleasant High School’s trade program for the digital arts lets you use state-of- the-art software and produce traditional animation tests and short films. You’ll also be putting your skills to real-world use as you visit local animation studios and participate in the Bay Area Teen Animation Festival. Please apply here.

Mt. Pleasant

Multimedia Arts

Please contact the school for more information. Please apply here.

  Santa Teresa

Business, Marketing, & Management


Entrepreneurship Marketing

Advance your college and business career by learning the strategies and skills needed to overcome common business challenges. You’ll take integrated business courses which includes web page design, accounting, marketing, and entrepreneurship. You’ll also put advanced computer skills to use in a real world setting and have the chance to become certified as a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS). Your final project includes writing a business plan and operating your own business.

Whether you plan on pursuing an advanced degree or jumping straight into work after graduation, this Pathway gives you the leadership training and technical skills needed to succeed in business today. Please apply here.


  Piedmont Hills

Business Careers

Learn about the world of business as you gain valuable leadership experience while still in high school. You’ll explore a variety of business and technology careers, test your skills in mock interviews and write a business plan that’s strong enough to compete in the NFTE Classroom Business Plan Competition.

The Business Careers Pathway at Silver Creek High School has a rigorous curriculum that uses hands-on projects to teach business and marketing fundamentals. Get real-world insight as you address the challenges that most businesses face in Silicon Valley and beyond. Silver Creek High School business classes also receive advise and mentorship from Ernst and Young’s “Adopt a Classroom”. Please apply here.



  Silver Creek


Computer, Engineering & Science Related 


Engineering Academy

Want to make the world a better place through innovation? The Engineering Academy at W.C. Overfelt teaches you lifelong habits of mind and the knowledge needed to solve complex problems in a real-world context.
In addition to core classes in math, science and engineering, the Engineering Academy helps you develop highly transferable skills in collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. In this “school within a school” program, you’ll experience a supportive and professional environment as you’re guided by the same instructors throughout the program. Please apply here.
WC Overfelt

Engineering Academy

Turn engineering theory into practice at Yerba Buena’s High School’s Engineering Academy.  We’ll help you bring complex ideas to life while you learn engineering basics and hone the life skills needed for various careers and college degrees within aerospace, computer science and other engineering careers.

We’ve partnered with Project Lead the Way (PLTW) to create a 4-year engineering program filled with courses that are rigorous, hands-on and reality-based. At this high school for architecture and design, you’ll get the technical basics as well as numerous opportunities for networking, leadership roles and job shadowing in the tech industry. The Engineering Academy at Yerba Buena High School gives you the foundational education, tools and opportunity to solve real-world challenges and design electric hybrid cars. Please apply here.

Yerba Buena

Engineering Academy

Do you love designing concepts and bringing them to life? The Engineering Academy at Independence High School lets you design, build and test prototypes while learning the basics needed for various careers and college degrees within aerospace, computer science and other engineering careers.

At this high school for architecture and design, you’ll solve hands-on engineering challenges and attend core classes with the same group of students. This “school within a school” model helps you maintain an advanced focus, develop strong bonds, and strengthen your collaboration and leadership skills. Experience rigorous, real-world engineering challenges as you get a head-start on college and career. Please apply here.


Information & Communication Technology

Get a jump start on college and career while still in high school. The Information and Communication Pathway exposes you to business and technology careers, hones your leadership skills and offers the college preparatory academic courses accepted by the California State and University System. 
In addition to earning college credit through dual enrollment, you’ll take career-focused courses in information technology and business. All course work is based on meeting real world demands and you’ll have a chance to earn industry-based Microsoft, Adobe, and Cisco certifications. Please apply here.

  Silver Creek

Health Careers


Health & Human Services/ Medical Magnet

Interested in exploring the medical field? Get first-hand understanding of the professions in health and human services. Whether you’re expecting to pursue an advanced degree upon graduation, or to immediately launch your career, this Pathway gives you the education, skill sets and real-world experiences that look great on a college application or professional resume.

Throughout the program you’ll have multiple opportunities to explore the medical field and earn select certifications while still in high school.  You’ll also work with the same students and the same group of teachers, ensuring high levels of social and academic support. Please apply here.


  Andrew Hill


Hospitality, Public and Human Services


Academy of Hospitality & Tourism

Define your path for success while still in high school. As an academy of hospitality and tourism student, you’ll have access to industry mentors in hospitality, business or tech and will attend core classes with the same group of dedicated students. Together you’ll collaborate to solve complex real-world problems, get feedback from industry professionals and attend numerous field trips and events.

The Academy of Hospitality and Tourism at Oak Grove High School offers leadership training, communication skills, and core technical education so you can be prepared for success in career and college and beyond. Please apply here.

 Oak Grove

Child Development  &  Education

Whether you’re interested in eventually becoming a teacher, a pediatrician or a social worker, the Child Development and Education Pathway at W.C. Overfelt High School helps you develop and practice the particular skills needed for a career working with children and young adults.  During this 4 year high school trade program, you’ll get both theoretical and hands-on experiences in early childhood education.

We’ll also help you discover your own learning style and career interests and expose you to the many fields of opportunity, from education and day care to medical and mental health. The Child Development & Education pathway is articulated with San Jose City College and Mission College’s Child Development Programs. Please apply here.

 WC Overfelt

Construction & Architecture

Do you want to use power tools? Wonder what it’s like to read drawings and have the skills to bring them to reality? The Construction and Architecture Pathway at Yerba Buena High School gives you the technical knowledge and problem solving skills for a career in the construction field and success in pursuing life-long learning within the construction profession.

Learn the critical thinking and technical skills to solve the real challenges found on a real construction site while still in high school.  We don’t use simulations to teach- you’ll do hands-on projects in our labs and solve problems in real time. Please apply here.

Yerba Buena

Fire Service

Learn technical skills in a state-of-the-art Fire Service Training Center located right next door to SJFD Station #2. You’ll practice leadership and teamwork skills and have opportunities for “ride-along’s” with the fire department. By the end of the Public Services Pathway you’ll already be CPR/First Aid certified and have the chance to take the EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Exam. Please apply here.

James Lick

Teaching Academy

The Teaching Pathway at Independence High School prepares you for any level of college and gives you real world opportunities to hone the skills critical for success in any teaching profession or leadership role. Work collaboratively with teams of students and practice professional level presentation skills by student teaching at elementary and middle schools in Silicon Valley.

Your team of Independence High School instructors will provide guidance throughout the four years of the teaching program and will mentor you as you select a college or explore career options. The Teaching Pathway is critical for anyone who needs to communicate effectively with children, from teachers to counselors, school directors and social workers. Please apply here.


Special Academic Programs


International Baccalaureate

A rigorous, comprehensive project-based learning experience for students seeking challenging university preparation opportunity. International Baccalaureate (IB) courses are taught during the junior and senior year with pre-IB courses taught during the the freshman and sophomore year. Utilizes a project-based curriculum assessed against rigorous international Baccalaureate Diploma. Courses transfer over for college credit with many universities offering IB diploma recipients sophomore standing. Incorporates use of instructional technology, including laptops and internet communications. Please apply here.


  Andrew Hill 

*(M) -Magnet program require transfer from Home School to Magnet School.

*(M) -Magnet program require transfer from Home School to Magnet School.