School Loop

School Loop is an integrated communication service that makes sharing information and working together easy in schools. Staff can access each student's workload and grades. Digital lockers help members store and share files. And every evening, assignments and grades are emailed home.

With School Loop, students perform better, parents engage, staffs collaborate, and teachers are freed to do what they do best: Teach

For a preview of School Loop, click here:

The East Side High School District provides School Loop to all stakeholders. For additional information please contact Robert Ibarra by clicking here.

To access your school's login and/or registration page, click on link below:

Andrew P. Hill
Evergreen Valley
James Lick
Mount Pleasant
Oak Grove
Phoenix Cont
Piedmont Hills
Santa Teresa
Silver Creek
William C Overfelt
Yerba Buena

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Below you will find the contact information for the School Loop mentors at each of our schools. Please feel free to contact them if you have questions not answered in the "Help" section of your School Loop Account.

You can also find a great School Loop resource webpage created by Marcelo Leal, OGHS teacher, at the link below:

School Loop Mentors School e-mail
Rick Sarringhaus Andrew P. Hill click here
Lisa McCusker
Andrew P. Hill click here
Molly Cavanass
Andrew P. Hill
click here
Jennifer Aparisi Apollo click here
Virginia Yanowsky Evergreen Valley click here
Christine Wright Foothill click here
Janine Esptein
click here
Liz Daniell
Independence click here
Mark Adams
James Lick click here
Robin Edwards Mount Pleasant click here
Shawna Forteamo
Oak Grove click here
Marcelo Leal
Oak Grove
Click here
Alison Liang
Oak Grove
Click here
Mirra Shernock Pegasus click here
  Phoenix Cont.  
Noreen Rubay Piedmont Hills click here
Jason Dries Piedmont Hills click here
Diane Pereira
Piedmont Hills
click here
Kristine Gibbs Santa Teresa click here
Todd Seal Silver Creek click here
Adele Sagun William C. Overfelt click here
Sandy Swirsky William C. Overfelt click here
Honey Gubuan William C. Overfelt click here
Jeff Love Yerba Buena click here
Jennifer Reissig Yerba Buena click here