The East Side Union High School District is committed to providing an exemplary athletics program with maximum student participation.


Studies show that athletic programs provide many benefits to high school students. Compared to non-prticipants, students who participate in athletics have:
  • higher grade point averages
  • better attendance
  • lower dropout rates
  • fewer disciplinary problems
  • higher graduation rates
  • better success in college
Students participating in athletics learn valuable life skills that help them become contributing members of their school and community, including:
  • teamwork
  • goal setting
  • discipline
  • sportsmanship
  • leadership
Athletic participation provides:
  • healthy, supervised after-school activities
  • an alternative to antisocial behaviors
  • an opportunity to make new friends
  • a sense of belonging to and school spirit


Before beginning high school athletics, a student needs:
  • a physical examination
  • proof of appropriate insurance

Athletic & Cheerleader Code Of Conduct

Conditions of Participation for Student Athletes

Athletic Schedule

East Side Union High School District is a member of the Blossom Valley Athletic League.  For more information on sports and schedules, please CLICK HERE.