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The mission of the Purchasing Department is to procure goods and services through Purchase Orders (PO's) and Contract Service Agreement's (CSA's), while providing excellent customer service to administrators, teachers, vendors, and all customers, internal and external. The Purchasing Department consists of General and Capital Purchasing.


The General Purchasing Department is responsible for procuring goods and services, purchased outside of Bond funds, for the entire district. General Purchasing ensures that State and Federal Laws, Board Policies (BP’s) and Administrative Regulations (AR’s) are being followed prior to completing a purchase or contract.  Following AR 3311, General Purchasing may be required to obtain or request additional quotes, or draft and release a Request for Proposal (RFP), as needed.


Capital Purchasing is responsible for overseeing the purchasing activities for the East Side Union High School District Construction and Facilities Planning Department in accordance with all applicable Federal and State statutes and District Policies. Responsibilities of the Capital Purchasing Department include purchasing or contracting for all furniture, fixtures and equipment and contractual services required for the capital improvement program.

This Purchasing website is designed for you to learn about the services offered through our department. The District is currently using PlanetBids, which is a web enabled procurement and electronic bidding system. To register as a vendor and participate in new business opportunities with East Side Union High School District the following information is requested: business name, address, telephone, e-mail address, product(s) and/or services offered, contact person, and business ownership certification (i.e. minority, women, or disabled veteran owned)
This website is updated regularly.  I invite and encourage you to visit often for current updates and information.

General_Purchasing_Staff Card IconGeneral Purchasing StaffTop of Page

André Bell
Director of General Purchasing and Accounting
(408) 347-5070
Francine Brissey
Manager, General Purchasing
(408) 347-5071
  • Issue informal and formal bid offers, RFP’s, RFQ’s
  • Manage contract and MOU negotiations, administrations and termination
  • Report contracts and MOU’s to the Board
  • Manage Surplus and equipment disposition
  • Manage vendor relations, resolving customer service issues (internal and external) and escalated supplier issues
Lizbeth Amador
Buyer, General Purchasing
(408) 347-5072
  • Process Purchase Orders, Change Orders, Contracts and Credit Card Purchases
  • Input Store items and assist with RFP's for Child Nutrition Services
  • Maintain purchasing records
  • Maintain vendor relations, including setting up vendor meetings, resolving customer service issues and supplier issues and expediting orders
  • Maintain Purchasing system (QCC); setup vendor configuration, troubleshoot user issues and document processes
Margaret Velasquez
Buyer, General Purchasing
(408) 347-5073
  • Process Purchase Orders, Change Orders, Contracts, Credit Card Purchases and assist with issuing RFP’s
  • Monitor Central Store items
  • Maintain purchasing records
  • Maintain vendor relations, resolve customer service issues and supplier issues and expediting orders
  • Approve all office supply orders
  • Process all travel and conference request
  • Maintain Purchasing system (QCC); setup vendor configuration, troubleshoot user issues and document processes
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General Purchasing
Current RFQ, RFP, Bids

Capital_Purchasing_Staff Card IconCapital Purchasing StaffTop of Page

Janice Unger
Director of Bond Purchasing and Contracts
(408) 347-5079
Tu Nguyen
Capital Projects Purchasing Manager
  • Manages, oversees and directs all procurement activities that flow through the Capital Purchasing Office
Sharon House
Senior Contract Specialist
  • Assist in coordinating contract procurement process including contract bid packages, design agreements, vendor evaluations, and award recommendations
  • Process applications, monitor and track contractor pre-qualification system
  • Develops solicitation documents and reviews and clarifies technical specification for Requests for Proposals (RFP's), Request for Qualifications (RFQ's) and other contract related activities; ensures fair and open competition through the maximization of outreach activities, website postings, advertisements, announcements, and meetings
  • Develop and administer documents for the evaluation process of contractors, consultants and other vendors


Doug Smith
Buyer, Capital Purchasing
  • Coordinate and establish vendor selection lists, request for qualifications, monitor and track certified payroll for projects and request for proposal materials through the District’s Web-based Contract Management System
  • Develop and maintain computer database files for tracking of contracts, insurance and other contract-related documents
  • Assist in coordinating contractual documents consistent with District policies, California Education Code, Public Contract Code and California Uniform Public Construction Cost Accounting Act
  • Obtains price quotes, compares prices for needed materials and items and places order to support school modernization projects and departments using bond funding. Maintaining accurate records of transactions made and confirming/follow up on orders placed
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