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2017 - 2018 RESULTSTop of Page

Bid Awards

Bid Number Location
 Project Name Award
B-01-17-18 James Lick JL New Parking Lot  Guerra Construction Group
B-02-17-18 Santa Teresa ST Bld 1300 Modernization CRW Industries, Inc. 
B-03-17-18   Andrew Hill
AH ERP HVAC - Mechanical
(Bld 200, 300, 500, 600)
Bay Cities Mechanical, Inc. 

Informal Bids

 Bid Number Location Project Name Bid Results
IB-01-17-18 Foothill  DW Mechanical & Electrical Upgrade Bay Cities Mechanical, Inc.
 IB-03-17-18 District Wide
DW Projection Device
Cal Coast Telecom 
IB-04-17-18 Yerba Buena YB Alt. Ed. Mini Campus Improvements - New Restroom Bld. Guerra Construction Group
IB-05-17-18 Mt. Pleasant
MP New Student Center & Quads
(Anti-Graffiti Windows)
R.C. Benson & Sons, Inc.
IB-06-17-18  Andrew Hill
DW Mechanical and Electrical Upgrade
(Andrew Hill)
 Bay City Mechanical, Inc.
IB-07-17-18 Evergreen Valley
DW Mechanical and Electrical Upgrade
(Upgrade to Existing House Lighting)
 Venezia Construction, Inc.
IB-08-17-18  Independence   IH Bld J Modernization Venezia Construction, Inc.
IB-10-17-18 Education Center
DW Network Equipment
(Server Room Cooling Upgrade)
Bay Area HVAC, Inc.
IB-11-17-18 W.C. Overfelt  WCO ERP Plumbing  No Bids Received
IB-12-17-18 James Lick JL ERP Plumbing No Award

RFP Awards

RFP Number  Location
Project Name
RFP-01-17-18  Piedmont Hills DW Concrete, Hard Surface Play Court, Asphalt & Parking Lot  Van Pelt Construction Services
James Lick
Oak Grove
Santa Teresa
Yerba Buena
 DW Infrastructure- Synthetic Turf Field Gilbane Building Company
RFP-04-17-18  Education Center Performance Audit Services for Proposition 30 Bond Funds Total School Solutions
RFP-05-17-18 Evergreen Valley
EV Science CR Refurb
(Signage Removal and Relocation)
Venezia Construction, Inc.
RFP-06-17-18  Silver Creek
SC Bld N Mod & New Quad Maquee
(Upgrade Drinking Fountains and Install Doors)
RFP-07-17-18 Evergreen Valley 
EV Science CR Refurb
(Buld D Light Bulb Replacement)
No Award 
Andrew Hill
DW Interior Flooring
(Pkg 11)
B.T. Mancini Company, Inc. 
RFP-10-17-18  Independence
IH Blds GHIK Modernization
(Portable Village Phase I Disconnect) 
 Ibarra Wiring Systems, Inc.
 RFP-11-17-18 Education Center A/E Services for EC Adult Transition Program North Not Awarded
 RFP-12-17-18 District Wide  District Wide Swimming Pool Project Kitchell CEM 
RFP-17-17-18  Independence DW Infrastructure- ADA Walkways; Architectural/Engineering Services Award Pending
Santa Teresa
DW Infrastructure - Synthetic Turf, Architecture and Engineering Services
Lloyd Consulting Group, LLC
RFP-FY2018-180008475 East Side Union High School District District Wide E-Rate Category 2 Product and Services No Award

RFQ Awards

RFQ Number  Location Project Name Award
 RFQ/P-01-17-18 East Side Union High School District Program Management Services for the Capital Improvement Program Rejected
RFQ/P-03-17-18 District Wide Districtwide Demographic Study Cooperative Strategies
RFQ-13-17-18  W.C. Overfelt WCO Music, Art, and Administration New Building  Flint/JKAE/Artik, Balfour Beatty/Lionakis, Vila Construction/Dougherty
RFQ-14-17-18 Education Center EC Adult Transition Program North  Swenson & Assoc./AEDIS, Rodan Builders/SVA Architects