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ESUHSD & ESTA Reach Tentative 3-Year Agreement

An Important Step Forward 


UPDATE -- October 15, 2015:  


The Board of Trustees at their meeting of October 15, 2015, ratified/approved the tentative agreement between the East Side Union High School District and the East Side Teachers Association/CTA/NEA for the period August 31, 2015 - July 31, 2018.  To view the agreement, click here.


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September 14, 2015

After several months of negotiations, ESUHSD and ESTA reached a tentative 3-year agreement late Friday that will provide ESTA members a 4.25% raise in 2015/16 and a 2.25% raise in 2016/17, with an opener for salary and benefits in 2017/18. This is an important step forward for our staff and students as the school year is well under way. These salary increases are in addition to 100% medical coverage for employees and their families.  


ESTA members will vote to ratify the final agreement the week of September 21st and the agreement will be brought to the Board for ratification on October 15, 2015. 


“At East Side, we pride ourselves in providing one of the best total compensation packages for a school district in the state,” said ESUHSD Superintendent Chris Funk. “Our benefit package covers the entire family without an employee contribution, almost unheard of today in both the public and private sector.”   


ESTA and the district also agreed to class size reduction at a cost of $19.1 million over this 3-year period. In good faith, the district decreased class size by 2 students at the start of the current school year and agreed to decrease an additional student in 2016/2017. 


“Our students are fortunate that such dedicated teachers are serving their needs,” said Superintendent Funk. “We hope this multi-year agreement serves to retain and recruit quality teachers. We are excited to work together on providing the best possible educational outcomes for all of our students.”

Click here to download PDF press release.