Facilities Planning, Construction, Maintenance & Operations

The mission of the Facilities Department is to plan, construct, maintain and operate safe, effective and inspiring physical environments that encourage successful teaching and learning.

The physical environment makes a difference in education.  Research links student achievement with the quality of the built environment (new and modernized buildings and grounds, lighting, indoor air quality, thermal comfort, acoustic quality).  Safe, secure, well designed and maintained facilities have a positive effect on student performance, attendance, and reduced disciplinary problems.  Our campuses must facilitate an organic, nimble, helpful approach to teaching and learning, fostering curiosity and creativity.

Our vision is that our high school campuses are jewels in their communities; that our campuses embody the value of education; and that our campuses are a place where students, teachers, parents and the community want to be.

This Facilities website is designed for you to learn more about the services we provide, important information about the buildings and grounds of our campuses, and the exciting school modernization program that is renewing and transforming our built environment. This website is updated regularly.  I invite and encourage you to visit often for current updates and information.
Julio Lucas
Facilities Director
408.347.5102 office
408.239.9647 cell

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Julio Lucas
The Planning team is responsible for all aspects of campus facilities planning and design:
  • Developing and maintaining long-range master plans related to new school construction, additions and modernization projects at existing schools
  • Due diligence in consideration of the purchase of real estate and/or buildings for use as school sites
  • CEQA compliance
  • Managing and overseeing school facilities planning, design, approval, and related procurement
  • Managing and overseeing new construction and modernization project furniture, fixtures and equipment planning, approval, and related procurement
  • Liaison to Division of the State Architect
  • Meeting and conferring with other planning agencies and private land developers about site and school building planning 
  • Space planning
  • Promotion of sustainability through energy efficient facilities, resource conservation, and design that encourages enduring, low maintenance, low life cycle cost solutions

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Carlos Salazar
  Senior Project Manager
  408.347.5103 office
408.219.3976 cell
The Construction team is responsible for executing construction projects safely, timely, within budget, and of high quality:
  • Managing and overseeing construction projects, from project inception through preconstruction services, approval, procurement, execution and closeout
  • Managing and overseeing new construction and modernization project furniture, fixtures and equipment planning, approval, procurement, and installation
  • Coordination of construction project related approvals, inspections and certifications from Division of the State Architect, San Jose Fire Department, City of San Jose, County of Santa Clara, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, State Water Resources Board, U.S. Green Building Council, Collaborative for High Performance Schools, and other agencies with jurisdiction and/or interest
  • Compliance with facilities design and construction standards
  • Ensuring functionality through commissioning
  • Developing and implementing training programs for stakeholders to ensure new and modernized facilities are well occupied, operated and maintained

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Roger Silveira
  Assistant Director of Maintenance & Operations
  408.347.5132 office
408.300.4237 cell
Maintenance Services

The Maintenance Services team is responsible for the operation and repair of real property facilities and systems.  The team handles routine restricted maintenance, preventive maintenance, and deferred maintenance projects.  Facilities and systems covered by their work includes:
  • power distribution
  • lighting
  • heating/ventilating/air conditioning
  • building envelope
  • walls/floors/ceilings
  • doors and locks
  • fire and life safety
  • swimming pools
  • asphalt and concrete walkways, quads, parking lots
  • fencing and gates
  • stadium bleachers
  • elevators/lifts/dumbwaiters
Grounds Services
The Grounds Services team oversees the District's Grounds Maintenance Program, Integrated Pest Management Program, storm drain pollution prevention compliance, potable water pollution prevention compliance, and waste management.  
  • Site gardeners maintain our school site exteriors; they report to site administration
  • The central Grounds Services team provides technical training based on established standards of care, safety training, performs athletic field turf mowing, tree trimming and removals, and irrigation system repairs
  • The central Grounds Services team maintains the Education Center (District Office) site

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Elizabeth Cardoso, Custodial Operations Supervisor
408.834.6128 office


Custodial Operations Program

  • Custodial operations standards
  • Custodial equipment standards
  • Custodial cleaning product standards
  • Custodial training program
  • Qualifying and developing the custodial substitute pool
  • Assistance with custodial hiring
  • Indoor Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) compliance
  • Day and swing shift operational custodial operations oversight assistance
Reporting Structures
  • Site custodians provide building cleaning and operations support for our school sites; they report to site administration
  • The Education Center (District Office) site custodial team cleans and provides operational support at that location, reporting to the Custodial Operations Supervisor

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Anthony Revelo, Low Voltage Systems Coordinator
408.347.5541 office / 408.590.1810 cell
Fire Alarm Systems

The Safety & Security Systems team is responsible for the operation and repair of fire alarm systems.  The team manages (re)certifications of fire alarm systems, repairs and modifications.  
Security Systems
The team is responsible for the operation, repair and modifications of security systems, including intrusion detection and safety cameras.
Bell/Paging Systems
The team is responsible for the operation, repair and modifications of bell/paging systems.

Clock Systems
The team is responsible for operation, repair and modifications of clock systems.

Low Voltage Infrastructure
The team is responsible for operation, repair and modifications of low voltage cabling systems.

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Kathy Lanford, Assistant Director of Facilities Operations
408.347.5108 office / 408.590.0747 cell
Charter School Facilities Management
We house a number of charter schools in East Side facilities.  Our responsibilities include:
  • Assistance with annual Proposition 39 charter school facilities petitions
  • Planning, design and construction of charter school facilities
  • Occupancy orientation / training
  • Liaison for repairs, maintenance, and modification of charter school facilities
  • Annual compliance inspections
Data Collection, Reports, Studies
We believe that well compiled and easily retrieved information results in better decisions and facilitates reporting.  Our responsibilities in this include:
  • Annual FIT and SARC Reporting pertaining to facilities
  • Demographic studies for planning of school facilities, based on enrollment projections, space utilization, and capacity analysis
  • Facilities inventory data
  • Facilities capital project records
  • Facilities maintenance and management records
Developer Fees
Development has a current and/or future impact of generating high school students; we must provide adequate facilities to serve those students.  The Mitigation Fee Act of 1986 (Government Code Section 66000 et seq.), updated by the Leroy F. Green School Facilities Act of 1998 (Education Code Section 17620), permits school districts to charge developers a fee for new construction and reconstruction on residential, commercial and industrial projects. These fees are commonly referred to as developer fees.  We use developer fee revenues to ensure that we have adequate facilities to accommodate high school students within our District boundaries.  Learn more here.  Our responsibilities include:
  • Collecting developer impact fees and certifying payment
  • Ensuring justification for the continued collection of developer fees
  • Providing annual reports on developer fee revenues and expenditures
Facilities Complaints
We take very seriously any concern that is expressed or complaint that is received about the safety, security and effectiveness of our built environment.  We assemble a response team to address the matter immediately.  
  • Indoor air/environmental quality
  • OSHA complaints pertaining to facilities
  • Safety / security
  • Williams complaints pertaining to facilities
  • Coordination of warranty processes related to construction
Facilities Inspections
We provide assistance, remedial actions, and coordination of routine and unique inspections of our facilities, including:
  • San Jose Fire Department annual inspections
  • Fire extinguisher annual certifications
  • Santa Clara County Health Department annual kitchen inspections
  • Santa Clara County Health Department biannual swimming pool inspections
  • City of San Jose Urban runoff annual inspections
  • Santa Clara County Health Department 3-yearly hazardous waste and chemical hygiene inspections
  • AHERA biannual inspections
  • San Jose Water Company, San Jose Municipal Water Company, and/or Great Oaks Water Company annual backflow device inspections
  • South Bay Water Recycling annual reclaimed water inspections
  • Property Liability Insurance facilities inspections
  • OSHA elevator annual inspections
  • Annual FIT and SARC facilities inspections

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The District has engaged Seville Group, Inc. to manage the master scope, master schedule, master budget, and communications related to the capital construction program.
Bob Bush, Bond Program Manager
408.347.5532 office

Master Scope

  • Facilitating engagement and approvals of projects from School Site Councils, Superintendent's Council, and the Board of Trustees

Master Schedule

  • Developing and maintaining the master schedule of project deployment
  • Developing and maintaining a cash flow schedule, to ensure the timely issuance of bonds to fund the projects

Master Budget

  • Identifying bond and other capital funding sources for projects, seeking approval of the use of those funds, and tracking project compliance within budget limitations


  • Coordination and support of the Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee
  • Capital construction project celebration events (such as ground breaking and grand opening celebrations)
  • Annual report
  • Monthly reports
  • Capital construction project web sites

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East Side Union High School District makes our school and athletic facilities available for rental when they are not being used for school purposes.

Learn more about Facility Rentals.  For more information on fees and rentals, or for assistance with the online rental system, please contact Facility Rental Manager Debbie Ramirez.

Debbie Ramirez, Facility Rental Manager
408.347.5114 office
*Note:  Facility Rentals are managed in the Business Services Division, but not through the Facilities Department.