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Student Governing Board

ESUHSD Student Governing BoardTop of Page

On June 21, 2018, the District approved the formation of the Student Governing Board of the East Side Union High School District.  
The purpose of the Student Governing Board shall be to:
  1. Provide a forum for Student Governing Board members to review and discuss upcoming agendas for the East Side Union High School District (ESUHSD) Board of Trustees meetings and to meet and discuss school district and school site issues with the ESUHSD Board of Trustees’ designated liaison.
  2. Advise the ESUHSD Board of Trustees on items such as, but not limited to, district policies, community/school wide initiatives, and student activities.
  3. Provide student input and opinions on upcoming points of business and/or issues.
  4. Foster and develop an informed relationship between the ESUHSD Board of Trustees and the school district’s student body.
The Student Governing Board shall be comprised of thirteen (13) student members who shall each be elected from the Student Assembly.  A Student Governing Board Member must be, and remain at all times during her/his term, a student enrolled at the school and a member of the Student Assembly.
The term of Student Governing Board members shall be one (1) year for freshmen and sophomores and two years for juniors.  Any member may resign by submitting his/her written resignation to the Chairperson.
Student Governing Board Bylaws  (adopted Board of Trustees 06-21-2018)
 Student Governing Board (group photo) administering oath
 ESUHSD Student Governing Board - Administering of Oath
October 1, 2018
 Student Governing Board 2018 with Board Member Cortese and Superintendent Chris D Funk (group photo)
ESUHSD Student Governing Board

Meeting DatesTop of Page

 Date  Time
 October 8, 2018  4 PM - 6 PM
 November 13, 2018*  4 PM - 6 PM
 December 10, 2018  4 PM - 6 PM
 January 14, 2019  4 PM - 6 PM
 February 11, 2019  4 PM - 6 PM
 March 4, 2019  4 PM - 6 PM
 March 18, 2019  4 PM - 6 PM
 April 8, 2019
(Date change)
 4 PM - 6 PM
 May 13, 2019  4 PM - 6 PM
 June 4, 2019  4 PM - 6 PM
 June 17, 2019
 4 PM - 6 PM
All meetings are open to the public and held at:
East Side Union High School District
Board Room, 830 N. Capitol Avenue, San Jose.
*November 13 meeting will be held in the ESUHSD Superintendent's Conference Room.

Questions, contact:Top of Page

Pattie Cortese
Board Vice President
Liaison to the Student Governing Board
Chris D. Funk