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Student Services Department

Student Services Department

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The Department of Student Services serves schools, students, and families. We aim to build and sustain equitable communities through the development of school cultures and climates that use inclusive and relationship-centered practices so that our school communities remain safe and students stay engaged in their learning environment.
We can provide guidance and assistance in the following areas: 

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Maryam Adalat Director of Student Services
Stephanie Palmeri Farias Coordinator of Student Services
Emily Zavala Mental Health & Wellness Specialist/ Social Worker
Jessica Gonzalez
Tatiana Magaña Student Transition and Support Specialist
Christina Trujillo Student Transition and Support Specialist
Nataly Gutierrez Student Services Specialist
Blasa Ozuna Parent and Community Involvement Specialist
Tamica Belfield Student Services Specialist
Student Service Specialist
Jennifer Vu Student Services Specialist
Department Secretary Georgia Ruelman