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School Transfer Request

Intra-District Transfer Process
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The Governing Board desires to provide enrollment options that meet the diverse needs and interests of district students. Students who reside within district boundaries may apply for enrollment in any district school. The Superintendent or designee shall determine the capacity of each school and establish a random, unbiased selection process for the admission of students from outside a school's attendance area. In accordance with law, no student currently residing within a school's attendance area shall be displaced by another student transferring from outside the attendance area.
The Intra-District Transfer Application is used when requesting a transfer from one East Side Union High School District school to another East Side Union High School District school.  Transfers for the following school year may be submitted to the student's home school beginning March 1.  Intra-district transfer requests must originate at the student’s school of residence and are submitted online for consideration to the principal or designee.
Transfers must be approved by both schools involved in the transfer.
Any falsification of information received, or any withheld information may result in refusal or revocation of the request.
Failure to maintain satisfactory achievement and/or citizenship during the period of intra-district attendance or for other appropriate reasons may result in revocation of that privilege and reassignment to another school, which could include the original school of attendance.  In all cases of revocation of intra-district transfer agreements, notification will be made to the parent or guardian prior to withdrawal from the current school of attendance.
All California Inter-Scholastic Federation and Central Coast Section rules and regulations regarding athletic eligibility shall apply to persons covered by this policy.  Students transferred due to disciplinary reasons will not be exempted from loss of athletic eligibility under the “compelled” clause of the California Inter-Scholastic Federation and Central Coast Section Constitution.
All intra-district agreements must be renewed on an annual basis.

To apply for an intra-district transfer, click on the link below to access the online application.


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Mt Pleasant/Evergreen Valley & Silver Creek/Evergreen Valley Option Areas

Students who live in the Mt. Pleasant/Evergreen Valley or Silver Creek/Evergreen Valley assigned option areas will be automatically assigned to a school (Mt. Pleasant High School or Silver Creek High School) based on their residency.  For example, students residing in the Mt. Pleasant/Evergreen Valley option area, but whose residence is in the Mt. Pleasant High School boundary attendance area, will be automatically assigned to Mt. Pleasant High School for enrollment. Any student residing in an option area will have first priority to elect to attend Evergreen Valley High School during open enrollment, February 1 through June 15. Should enrollment at Evergreen Valley High School reach maximum enrollment capacity, students will be placed on a waitlist and, when enrollment falls below maximum capacity, will be assigned to Evergreen Valley based on waitlist order.   

Residents in the Mt. Pleasant/Evergreen and Silver Creek/Evergreen option area may apply for an transfer by clicking on the link below to access the online application.

Inter-District Transfer
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An inter-district transfer is a transfer between the East Side Union High School District and another district (i.e. San Jose Unified, Milpitas Unified, Morgan Hill Unified School District, etc).  Click here to complete an Interdistrict transfer application.