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Parenting Resources

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Adoptive Families of America
This is the place to get information on The Adoptive Families of America, their mission, and their need for support. They have an online catalog of interest to adoptive parents.

America Goes Back to School
The US Department of Education and the Partnership for Family Involvement in Education encourage parents, grandparents, community and religious groups, and every caring adult to get involved in local schools. They include examples and detailed Web resources to help, because "Better Education is Everybody's Business!"

American School Directory
ASD provides a Web site "for each of America's 106,000 K-12 schools" containing school information, phone numbers, calendars, and maps. If you're moving, you can get an idea of the public and private schools you'll find in your new area. A great resource!

Are We There Yet?
With more than 600 places of interest listed, this site offers an "ultimate field trip resource" for New York City and Philadelphia. Information about museums, nature centers, historic sites, farms, aquariums, and zoos is included.

The Awesome Library
This site organizes more than 10,000 reviewed web resources for parents, students, teachers, librarians, and community members. Specify which of these groups is yours, and enter a library structured just for you! A great resource!

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Children with Diabetes
Wow. Search an enormous database for the most updated information on diabetes, ask a panel of experts a question and get your answer posted and archived for future viewers, or enter an age-group specific chat room and find others looking for similar information or dealing with similar issues. What a resource!

Children's Health
Maintained by MedlinePlus.  This site offered child health links in several categories.

Children's Software Press
Here you will find some useful information about software for children. The resource guide is particularly helpful, including information on guide books, Internet books, teacher's resources, organizations, and software companies.

Coalition for Student Loan Reform
Formed in 1993, The Coalition for Student Loan Reform (CSLR) intends to increase student access to loans. If you are or will be a college student or parent of one, be sure to see their student and parent information section. They also provide toll-free numbers for loan providers for when you need assistance.

College Cost Calculator
This page assists you in determining the amount you will need to save to fund your child's college education.

Crayola's web site has some really neat things to offer. One of the most useful for parents is their stain removal tips. You can search by staining product and by item stained and they will give you tools to use and a procedure! Very helpful when you have a creative youth around!

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Dr. Greene's House Calls
Questions about children's health are answered and archived on this site, which is an excellent resource for parents, who can find answers to everything from shots to potty training. Great for your peace of mind. BTW, Alan Greene is a pediatrician at Stanford Medical School.

Dyslexia: the gift
This site asks and answers the question "What's the positive side of dyslexia?" It pertains to the special abilities that many dyslexic people exhibit.

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Education by Design
Put up by an Australian teacher, Education by Design contains math games and puzzles, and provides the opportunity for children to publish stories on the Net. Of special interest to parents are the short explanations of current theories on how children learn spelling, reading, math skills, etc.

Educational Resource
Steck-Vaughn Publishing offers this site to parents and educators of K-12 children as a source of their educational materials. They include a Frequently Asked Questions section and resource sites for teachers.

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Facts for Families
"To educate parents and families about psychiatric disorders affecting children and adolescents" the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry provides (in English, Spanish, and French) 46 information sheets providing up-to-date information on issues such as the anxious child, teen suicide, and stepfamily problems. Full text with multiple copies available for order.

Family Education Network
This is a huge site devoted to families and to "educational, safety, and family-related issues." You'll find current events issues with an educational twist, help with college and with learning disabilities, "Brain Busters" to get kids in the mood for homework, a list of signs that you may need to seek professional help for your child, and much, much more.

Family Issues Page
Articles and links on childbirth (lots of midwife mention), parenting pitfalls, schooling, and related topics are offered in abundance here. Most links are to Christian sites.

The Family Park
You won't find much text here but there are numerous links for parents and children on a range of topics from The U.S. Dept. of Education to AskEric Virtual Library.
Disney's has a parenting section which includes information and chats on families, raising children, and advice from experts.

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Heather's Homeschooling Page
Heather Madrone has put together a page that homeschoolers and "unschoolers" especially will find very interesting. More philosophical than most, but also with good info links.

The History of Education Site
This is a huge collection of "links to the history of education & childhood." The author has combed the Web and written excellent reviews of sites which detail historical education practices, methods of child rearing, and conditions of children's lives throughout history and all over the globe. Fascinating stuff!

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Jon's Homeschool Resource Page
Jon's page is just what it says--a great resource for parents who are homeschooling. He has many links to helpful parenting sites as well as those strictly dealing with home educating.

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"An educational and entertaining Electronic Playground for kids ages 4 to 15," this site offers Spanish, French, and Dutch versions as well as English. Kids can write stories, talk to "Key Pals," play games, learn crafts, etc. There is a companion parent/teacher site.

Kid Source Online
There are links to many sites here relating to health and education issues for children of all ages.

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LD Online
This site offers a wealth of information regarding learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder. You can be kept up-to-date on current events, locate help nationally and by state, participate in discussion groups, and more. What a find!

The Learning Center
General articles on parenting, including how to measure your child's self-esteem, various testing programs (educational, psychological, enrichment, therapy, and more).

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Mapping Your Future
This site has step-by-step information for 8th grade through college students and their parents. It covers choosing a career, selecting a college, obtaining financial aid, finding a job, and much more.

Maximum Potential Project
MPP is a California project which offers counseling for adults and children who are underachievers. It's worth coming here for the list of common characteristics if you suspect your child (or you!) may suffer from this problem.

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The National Parenting Center
This site provides parents with a wide range of resources gathered from many of the world's best known child-rearing authorities. Their Newsletter is on line with features and book reviews.

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The Option Institute: Parents and Parenting
The Option Institute is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering an optimistic view as a means of improving relationships and life on the planet. This site summarizes the books, tapes, etc. and programs they offer in the area of parenting.

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ParentingMatters, a part of LifeMatters Magazine, tries to provide ways of parenting that work as a "long term assist in raising self-reliant, responsible human beings." They have links to excellent articles with titles such as "Respectful Parenting" and "Handling Kids' Aggression." They have a Parenting Book List, lists of related subtopic links, and a bulletin board. Great spot.

Parenting Press
In addition to a catalogue of Parenting Press publications (books aimed at problem solving for parents and for children), this site has parenting tips and great summaries of books offered. Well organized for access.
"The Parenting resource center on the web" offers advice on parenting advice, products, and the chance to ask questions of other parents. This chatty but well-organized site was set up by a couple who both wanted to stay home and parent.

Information on creating and nurturing a partnership between parents and schools for the best interest of kids, tips on helping kids learn, and workbooks on family involvement in schools are a few of the many valuable resources available here. A must-see site for involved parents and teachers.

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Sallie Mae
Brought to you by "a business partner to the higher education community," this practical site includes interactive calculators for figuring loan payments, a printable loan applications, keyword search capabilities, and an interactive table of contents that's gotten high ratings from our reviewers (and others, too!)

Science Learning Network
There are some fun things here for educators and parents. You can explore science-related resources and connect with schools and educators. Colorful and easy to navigate.

This is a great spot for you and your child to learn about astronomy together. One part, the High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center, is pretty advanced in its study of X-ray and gamma-ray technology, but it's well done and allows you to ask questions of professional high-energy astronomers. A nice feature is the linking of possibly unfamiliar words to a glossary entry.
This is an all-encompassing guide on how parents and caregivers can protect their children at home when it comes to electrical, alcohol/liquor, prescription medications, stairs, pools, and much more. Children's curiosity and daringness can lead to dangerous safety risks and these risks include falls, burns, choking, fire, and even various types of poisoning. We hope this guide can be a resource that will help children stay safe, by being prepared for these unforeseeable events.

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The US Department of Education
Follow the simple outline through the US Department of Education's extensive web page. They provide copies of their latest publications, such as The Student Guide to Financial Aid. Also the Pick o' the Month page is worth a visit.

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Woodbury Reports
This site is put up by "An Educational Consultancy for At-Risk Adolescents" and offers a look at special schools and programs, articles and opinions on education methods and "alternative fields," reviews, resources, a bulletin board, and more. Audio and video enhanced.