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Programs and Services

Goal of the ProgramTop of Page

The Early Learning Program environment is designed to:

  • Recognize the natural curiosity of young children in constructing their learning

  • Encourage exploration and respects the child’s play as the discovery of knowledge and opportunity to investigate their world

  • Promote interest in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

  •  Support young children’s success as personally, socially, and physically capable individuals
  • Engage families as partners in supporting their children’s learning and development

  • Strive to meet the changing needs of the community

Classrooms/CurriculumTop of Page

Whether inside or outside, exploration is the key to the young child’s understanding the world around them. Our classrooms are designed to maximize learning opportunities indoors and outdoors. We offer a variety of individualized and group activities that challenge and excite children to actively engage in gathering new information and discovery.  Curriculum is individualized to intentionally incorporate each child’s needs into the daily routines.  Designing the environment to be accessible to all children fosters independence and community among the children.  Parents are encouraged to enter the classroom and interact with their children.  Monthly newsletters offer parents activities and language models to support their children’s growth and development. 

Assessment & SupportTop of Page

All children are assessed twice a year and classroom observations are completed monthly. There will be two formal parent conferences to review progress and design a plan for individualized needs to enrich the connection between home and school for each child.

Please regard each staff member as a resource for any questions or concerns you may have about your child.  Our primary concern is the health, safety, and well-being of the children.  Good communication between home and school is essential to supporting each child's growth and development.

Learning TogetherTop of Page

The theme of partnership and learning together is extended from classroom and families to the high school laboratory students who work in our centers every day. High school students are actively engaged in each child’s learning and development as they engage in a variety of activities. The open, supportive environment allows the young children and students the opportunity to risk without failure.  With the help of the high school students, the young children in the center enjoy a low adult-child ratio and increased individualized attention.

Early Childhood Education Program for High School StudentsTop of Page

During the school year, high school students participate in an elective program in Early Childhood Education.  This course provides direct instruction with young children in the classroom setting. Student enrollment in the early learning course allows for adult-child ratio, offering many opportunities for individualized attention. 


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