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Safe Schools

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While a safety crisis on a school campus is unlikely, emergencies do occur and schools need to be prepared and have a plan to respond. As part of normal school district operations, all campuses have comprehensive, up-to-date safety plans to address a variety of emergency conditions such as fire, earthquake, and evacuation. The plans are reinforced through drills with students and at regular meetings with our employees.
The safety plans help school personnel prevent unnecessary confusion and turmoil in an emergency. Planned schoolwide crisis response can significantly reduce disruption during times of high stress. A structured response by a trained team of staff members can facilitate the return to a normal school routine in the unlikely event of a crisis occurring on or near the school campus.

In any emergency situation, specific response strategies will depend on the nature and scope of the incident and prevailing conditions. In most incidents, public safety and emergency management personnel will play a critical role in identifying the specific nature, cause, and extent of the emergency, as well as providing guidance to administrators on the response steps that must be carried out.

Your children are surrounded daily by professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping their students; in the event of an emergency, you can count on these caring individuals to keep your children secure. All employees in the ESUHSD continue to work to make all our schools safe and secure environments.

If you have questions about your child's safety and school support responses, please contact your principal. Your understanding, support, and cooperation are vital as we take these precautionary actions on behalf of our students.

The California Department of Education Safe Schools program provides funding, resources, strategies, and training to:

  •     prevent violence in the school community
  •     respond to crises at school sites, and
  •     maintain a school environment that is conducive to learning