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A Safe Learning EnvironmentTop of Page

The East Side Union High School District believes that providing a safe learning environment is critical to student success and takes proactive measures to protect the safety of all our students and staff members.  District representatives work in close collaboration with local, state and federal health, safety and emergency personnel to develop and maintain plans for responding to a variety of emergency situations.  Additionally, individual site Safety Plans are annually reviewed and updated by teams of parents and staff members.
Office of Student Services
East Side provides coordination of the district's Multi-Disciplinary Team and supervision of the Police School Coordinators through the Safe School Campus Initiative. Responsibilities also include negotiating protocols and procedures with the City of San Jose and the San Jose Police Department.
Critical Response Training
All schools have been trained on "Code Red" armed intruder protocols. Schools have identified student and parent staging areas in the event of an emergency. Each school has identified a critical response team and training is now being developed in collaboration with the San Jose Police Department.
Safety Plans & Teams
Each school has a safety plan developed by a safety team composed of administrators, staff and parents. The plan is approved by the School Site Council and reviewed by all staff. The Safety Plan contains an emergency directory, action plan, responsibilities and duties, and procedures for all kinds of emergencies.
Safe School Campus Initiative
The Safe School Campus Initiative establishes a District-wide Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) to address interventions on and around school campuses. Members include Police School Coordinators, Community Coordinators through Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services, two Probation Officers, the Student Services Coordinator, Principals and the Associate Principals of Discipline. The MDT is mobilized in any critical incident situation or if the site needs additional support and/or information in averting a potential crisis. A phone call to any member activates the team.
Police Officers on Campus
Each school employs off-duty San Jose Police Department officers to work on campus during the school day. Officers patrol the perimeters of the school and are used primarily to keep persons not involved in school business away from the campus. They also supervise after school activities, athletic events and dances.
Closed Campuses
All schools have a closed campus policy. Students are not allowed to leave without permission. Parking gates are locked during the day.
Each school has staff and administrators providing daily supervision before and after school, during breaks, passing times, lunch and after school activities. The staff use walkie-talkies to maintain open and continuous communication. The Associate Principal's have cell phones to have immediate access to the police, MDT partners and feeder districts.
Dress Code
Andrew Hill, Yerba Buena, James Lick, Apollo, Pegasus, Phoenix and Foothill have common dress requirements to easily identify outsiders on campus and minimize gang colors. The remaining sites are focusing on enforcing the current dress code and holding students to higher dress expectations.
ID Badges
All schools require students to carry visible ID badges at all times to easily identify outsiders. All district employees and students are required to have ID badges while on the work site or school campus.   

Safety ConcernsTop of Page

If you notice a potentially unsafe condition, please report it immediately to the school principal or to the district Student Services Office at 408-347-5331. Reports may be made about safety, harassment, damage to school property, or anything that has contributed or could contribute to a student, parent or staff member feeling unsafe and/or mistreated.

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