*Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the East Side Union High School District, students need to:
  • Earn 220 units
  • Pass certain required courses
  • Pass proficiency tests in reading and writing and meet the computer literacy requirements (Class of 2003)
  • Pass the State High School Exit Exam (Class of 2004, 2005 and 2006)

Subject Requirements Units of Credit
English Students must pass four years of English. 40
Social Science Students must pass three years of Social Science which shall include: a. One year of World History; b. One year of Unitd States history; c. One semester of American Governmment; d. One semester of Economics 30
Mathematics Students must pass two years of math (the equivalent of Algebra I/Course 1 and Geometry/Course 2 or higher level courses). 20
Science Students must pass two years of college 20 prep Laboratory Science. 20
Fine Arts or Foreign Language Students must pass a one year course in either Fine Arts or Foreign Language. 10
Physical Education Students must pass two years of Physical Education, of which one year must be taken at grade 9. 20