PASS Program

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What is the PASS Program?

The Portable Assisted Study Sequence (PASS) Program is a workbook-based high school program for migrant students in grades 9-12. It is designed to provide curriculum aligned with the California Content Standards via portable units of study whereby migrant high school students throughout the state of California can receive credits toward graduation requirements. It operates under the jurisdiction of the Fresno County Office of Education to deliver statewide services.
In addition to the traditional delivery system, technology has been introduced to deploy curriculum electronically. This format is known as the Cyber High Program. The innovative approach challenges students to become familiar with a new way of learning and to understand the Information Age Society.
The PASS Program began in California in 1978 and is accredited through the Fresno Unified School District Board of Education, the sponsoring school is Roosevelt High School. Selected courses have been approved as University of California a-g college preparatory in cooperation with the Fresno Unified School District.
The PASS Program is funded through Migrant Education which delivers statewide services under the jurisdiction of the California Department of Education.

Everything about the PASS program from A - Z can be found at the link below:
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