TeleParent is an automated school-to-parent communication system which allows teachers to send calls to parents, with specific messages in the parents' home language.

Click here for the Teleparent Teacher User Guide.

Below you will find the contact information for the Teleparent mentors at each of our schools. Please feel free to contact them if you have additional questions not answered in the Teleparent Teacher User Guide.  For additional assistance, contact Teleparent directly at or call 1-800-688-6077

Teleparent Mentors School e-mail
Rick Sarringhaus Andrew P. Hill click here
Joe VanSambeek Andrew P. Hill click here
Jennifer Aparisi Apollo click here
Adriana Rangel
Evergreen Valley click here
Lynne Murray Foothill click here
Jennifer Williams Independence click here
David Porter James Lick click here
Robin Edwards Mount Pleasant click here
Elaine Ceballos Oak Grove click here
Noreen Rubay
Piedmont Hills
click here
Jason Dries Piedmont Hills click here
Diane Bettencourt Piedmont Hills click here
Kirstine Gibbs Santa Teresa click here
Todd Seal Silver Creek click here
Adele Sagun William C. Overfelt click here

Jeff Love Yerba Buena click here