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Student Attendance

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To view the California Department of Education's Truancy information, Definition of a Truant, please click here.

To view the East Side Union High School District Board Policy on truancy, please click here.

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East Side Union High School District operates a Student Attendance Review Board (SARB) process designed to support children and families in maintaining positive school attendance patterns which allow student the maximum opportunity to learn.  

The School Attendance Review Board - SARB - is composed of school, law enforcement, social service agencies, parents and community members, who meet regularly to diagnose and resolve persistent student attendance problems.
The goal of SARB is to help students stay in school. They work with truant or recalcitrant students and their parents or guardians to identify attendance problems early and to solve school attendance problems through the use of available school and community resources, including:

  • Parent/student conferences
  • Counseling
  • Agreements
  • Contracts
  • Referrals to appropriate agencies for support services

SARB does have the power, when necessary, to refer students and their parents or guardians to court.
For more information, please see the California Department of Education School Attendance Review Boards Handbook.