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East Side Union High School District


East Side Union High School District provides an outstanding and continually improving education to local high school students. Dedicated teachers and rigorous academic programs provide a strong foundation for success in college and future careers. 

Student achievement is on the rise.  Graduation rates are improving, and are now above state and county averages. Today, more than 4 out of 5 of our graduates go on to college within two years of graduating. More than 1,200 graduates went straight to San Jose State last year.

We live in the heart of Silicon Valley, and our students deserve a chance to learn the skills they need to compete for those jobs. We strive to provide an excellent education for students, yet funding for our schools is inadequate. We need to protect and improve science and core academic programs, keep qualified teachers in the classroom and continue preparing students for college and future careers.

To protect the quality of education and continue strong student achievement, the East Side Union High School District Board of Trustees is considering a modest $49 local school parcel tax measure for an upcoming ballot.  Although no final decisions have been made, a measure would provide locally-controlled funding to directly support our students.  A potential measure would:

  • Maintain career and technical education pathways for college and career success in more than 19 areas including computers, engineering, science, arts, multi-media, business marketing and management
  • Maintain 21st century science, technology, engineering, math, reading and writing instruction
  • Protect and enhance hands-on science programs, including computer science, biology, bio-tech, chemistry, physics, physiology, forensics, web tech design, robotics and space tech engineering
  • Maintain college preparation programs and resources for all students
  • Provide career-development and vocational job-training programs
  • Protect arts and music, and keep school libraries open
  • Protect counseling to help students with academic planning for college and careers
  • Attract and retain high quality teachers and staff

Fiscal accountability would ensure all funds stay local to support our schools

  • All funds would be controlled locally, go to our local schools and could not be taken away by the state
  • The measure requires independent citizen oversight and audits to ensure the money is spent as promised
  • By law, none of the funds could be used for administrator salaries
  • Senior citizens, many of whom live on fixed incomes, would be exempt from the measure

Your feedback is important to us.  The District welcomes your comments and questions as it evaluates the needs of our schools and develops a plan for protecting the quality of education.  Please contact Superintendent Chris D. Funk at if you would like to learn more.

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