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The LCAP outcomes center around the eight state priorities: Basic Services, Implementation of State Standards, Parent Involvement, Pupil Achievement, Pupil Engagement, School Climate, Course Access, and Other Pupil Outcomes, with the overarching goal of preparing all students for college and careers.  
LCAP Goals
  • Goal 1: College and Career
    • A-G rate, SBAC, 9-11 Grade on Track for A-G, AP/IB scores 
  • Goal 2: Graduation Rate
    • % of seniors that graduated by the end of summer
    • Foster youth graduation percentage
  • Goal 3: English Language Learners
    • Percentage of English Language Learners increasing proficiency level or maintaining 4 or 5 on CELDT
    • % of ELL reclassified
  • Goal 4: Decrease Suspensions
    • Suspension rate and total suspensions
  • Goal 5: Attendance - Chronic Absenteeism
    • % of students chronically absent
Key Performance Indicators
  • Improved graduation rate
  • Decreased dropout rate
  • Improved A-G completion rate (15 course sequence for UC/CSU qualification)
  • Develop College & Career Readiness Indicators (5C's): Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Civic Engagement
  • Decrease achievement gaps as defined in measures 1-3 and other indicators, such as suspension and expulsion rates
Graduation Rates and Line Graph: East Side Union High School District versus Santa Clara County and State, Years 2012 to 2016
Class of 2017
  • 4-Year Local Cohort: Students who come in as 9th graders and stay with ESUHSD for all 4 years, experience higher graduation and A-G rates. 
    • Local cohort graduation rate is 95.1% 
    • Local cohort A-G completion rate is 55.9%
  • AP/IB Enrollment:  30.5% 
    • 64.8% of students enrolled in at least one AP/IB exam
  • Dropout Rate:  9.9%
  • Suspension Rate: 4.4%
To read/download the Local Control Accountability Plan Metrics and Strategic Plan Key Performance Measures Report click here.

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