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Dear Families of East Side Union High School District:


We want to make you aware of a new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why.  The series is based on the 2007 best-selling novel of the same name written by Jay Asher.  Parents/guardians need to know that 13 Reasons Why is an intense Netflix drama that is not a light watch for younger children.  This series explores suicide, rape, bullying, depression, and anxiety in teens. The story behind the series involves a student who has received seven double-sided cassette tapes from a classmate who has recently committed suicide. This series may be difficult for impressionable minds to watch and process in a healthy way.  In watching the series, young people and teens could interpret the message that suicide is a viable and/or romanticized option.


This show is being watched and talked about by many young people in our high schools. These very important topics have become more prevalent in our teens' lives and are regularly present on social media. This show could help parents start conversations with teens about sensitive issues such as suicide, bullying, isolation, and depression.


Below are links surrounding this show that will help provide resources for you when you sit down with your child to discuss the series.  All of this information will be shared with all of our staff members as well.


If you feel that your child needs support in this area, please reach out to the Social Worker on your child’s campus. In addition, Uplift Family Services provides 24-hour crisis services by trained mental health professionals that can help a suicidal teenager. Uplift can be reached at (408) 379-9085.  If your child is in crisis, call 911.


Other Crisis Hotlines

Bill Wilson Center SOS Crisis Hotline:  (408) 278-2585

Text “LISTEN” to 741-741 for text support

24/7 Hotline for Teens: (408) 850-6125


Thank you for your time and attention.  As always, we must work together to keep our children safe and healthy.




Chris D. Funk


Superintendent's Letter to Parents & Community:
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Dear East Side Union High School District Family,


The California Department of Education (CDE) released the 2015-16, 4-Year Cohort Graduation, UC/CSU A-G, and Dropout Data. I would like to take this opportunity to highlight that for the sixth consecutive year, our graduation rates and A-G completion rates have increased, and our dropout rates have decreased. We have an amazing group of educators and staff members that work hard every day with our students and families working towards graduating every student to be college and career ready.


Below are some key highlights of the data that was released by the CDE:


Overall Graduation Rate: 85.0%
  •  Hispanic graduation rate of 77% represents a 3.5% year-over-year increase and 11.4% increase
     from 2011-2016
  •  African American graduation rate of 85.5% reflects a 9.2% increase from 2011-2016 


Graduation Rates for Special Populations has increased
  •  English Language Learner (ELL) graduation rate: 71.9%
  •  Socioeconomically Disadvantaged (SED) Graduation Rate: 80.3%
  •  Students With Disabilities (SPED) Graduation Rate: 61.8%
  •  Foster Youth Graduation Rate: 51.4% 


Overall A-G Completion Rate: 45.5%, reflecting a 12.2% increase from 2011-2016


ESUHSD is dedicated to maintaining a high level of commitment to graduating our seniors and paving the way to college and career. Below, I've included several charts that illustrate a six-year upward trend of graduation and A-G completion rates.

Thank you for your continued support of our students and our East Side community. 





Chris D. Funk


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Newsletter Edition


August 30, 2016
  • Superintendent's Letter:  New School Year 2016-2017
  • Graduate Profile
  • Spartan East Side Promise
  • Magnet Programs & Career Services
  • High School Student Internships
  • College Night
  • Parent/Guardian Resources & Information
  • Adult Education
 December 5, 2016
  • Superintendent's Letter:  Winter 2016 & Welcoming 2017
  • IHS Students Head to Kenya
  • OGHS Students Heading to London
  • MPHS International Film Award Winners
  • STHS Symetra Heroes in the Classroom Award:  Natalie Lai
  • SCHS to Participate in Japanese Language Education Assistant Program
  • WiFi Update
 February 14, 2017
  • Superintendent's Letter
  • Science Teachers John Sphar & Ron Wou Selected for NASA Program
  • United States Presidential Scholars
  • Anton Cao, EVHS, AP Examp Perfect Score -- Second Time
  • Sciencepalooza!
  • Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Student Awards Recognitions
  • SVEF Math Symposium & Forum
  • IndepenDance Goes to Disneyland
  • City Council Members - IHS Graduates
  • Bond Program Update
  • In the Media
 March 3, 2017
Superintendent Funk invited ESUSHD community to ESUHSD Board Study Session
  • Agenda items:  
    • Update - Point-Counterpoint Budget Task Force
    • District's Budget:  Developing a Budget Approach to Address Potential Qualified Budget
    • ESUSHD Employee Benefits Program
 April 7, 2017 James Lick High School iMentor Program
April 13, 2017
ESUHSD Graduation & A-G Completion Rates Reflects Multi-Year Increases
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October 5, 2016
Clown Scare Tactics
English   |   Spanish   |   Vietnamese
November 10, 2016  Presidential Election Results
 November 17, 2016
January 17, 2017
Presidential Inauguration Letter
English        Spanish        Vietnamese
 February 7, 2017
You Have a Voice:  A Conversation about Political Art
and Racism in America
Invitation to Art Exhibition by San Francisco-based artist Mark Harris
April 17, 2017 2016 Strategic Plan & Progress Report
English     |     Spanish     |     Vietnamese
April 27, 2017
New Netflix Series:  13 Reasons Why
English          Spanish          Vietnamese
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