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Update: Focus on Improved Communication with Parents and Students

March 1, 2016



Dear Stakeholders,


Thank you for the plethora of feedback that I have received regarding my email describing the rationale for moving to a single grading platform and the transition to moving from School Loop to Infinite Campus gradebook. I have considered your comments and concerns and have read, reread and considered many of the concerns that are being raised by teachers, students and parents.

There are three points that I would like to clarify.  First, deciding on an electronic gradebook, student information management system, and email system is not covered by the collective bargaining agreement.  These decisions are made by the school district. The impact on working conditions using such systems is covered by the collective bargaining. 

Second, as Superintendent I have a clear expectation that teachers update their electronic gradebook on a weekly basis.  This statement does not violate the collective bargaining agreement.  What my statement allows for is a dialogue to take place.  If a principal calls a teacher in to discuss why grades have not been entered into the gradebook in two weeks and the justification from the teacher is that the students are working on a project and nothing has been turned in and graded, then that is a reasonable explanation.  However, if homework is assigned every night and is graded, but those grades have not been entered into the gradebook in over two weeks, I think it is fair to say that is not a reasonable explanation.  It is all about the conversation that needs to take place between the teacher and administration. Each situation deserves a unique response.

Finally, the two main differences between School Loop and Infinite Campus gradebook that I am most concerned about is the fact that teachers must take attendance. Infinite Campus provides real time data.  Whereas, School Loop has a 12-24 hour lag time in the availability of information.  If we were able to get 100% of our teachers using School Loop and entering grades on an ongoing, regular basis then I can live with the 12-24 hour lag time.  Unfortunately, there is no other way to take attendance.

Therefore, based on the overwhelming support for School Loop, I support maintaining School Loop.  What I need from you is to be the champions of School Loop and to support and hold your colleagues accountable for using and maintaining School Loop.  Our desired outcome is to improve communication on the progress of each student in terms of his or her grades, attendance and progress toward graduation. In addition, we want to implement an early warning system for families, which provides information at early stages so that parents and students can make changes in their behavior to get back on track toward success. We know that constant and accurate communication improves performance and reduces parent complaints by putting the onus on students to maintain their grades. This is an area that we must improve on as a school district.   I hope you can join me in this endeavor.

Thank you for your input.  You have been heard. Lets work together to improve our communication with students and parents regarding student grades and progress towards graduating from high school, college and career ready.


Chris D. Funk

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Potential Student Records Disclosure


February 22, 2016

Dear Parent or Guardian,

This is to make you aware of a recent court case in which the California Department of Education (CDE) has been ordered by the courts to release all student data that the CDE has collected on students since January 1, 2008. We want to inform you of East Side Union High School District’s commitment to maintaining student privacy and ways that as a parent, guardian or caregiver, you can object to the disclosure of student data.  ESUHSD was not involved in the lawsuit, nor is it the subject of any of the suit’s allegations.  ESUHSD is not involved in the release of this data nor the collection of the Objection Forms.  Also of note, ESUHSD does not identify students by social security numbers; instead, ESUHSD uses a state-issued unique student identification number.

This notice may apply to you if you are: the parent or guardian of a child (including an infant) with disabilities; the parent or guardian of a student who is attending or attended a California school at any time since January 1, 2008; or a person over the age of eighteen who is attending or attended a California school at any time since January 1, 2008.

Parents, guardians, and some former students over 18 can object to the release of personally identifiable information to plaintiffs in a court case, Morgan Hill Concerned Parents Association vs. California Department of Education.

Plaintiffs in the case have sought numerous documents and data stored in databases maintained by the California Department of Education (CDE).

The court order can be found here:

Notice of Disclosure of Student Records <> (PDF).

A person can object by printing out, completing, and mailing to the court the "Objection to Disclosure of Student Information and Records Case No. 2:11-CV-03471" form below:

Objections to Disclosure of Student Records <>

Alternatively, a parent, guardian, or former student can write a confidential letter to the judge, including the name of the student on whose behalf the letter is written, the author's name and relationship to the student, the student's date of birth, county, school district, and school, and, if desired, the basis of your objection.

Letters or Objection Forms should be mailed to the Honorable Kimberly J. Mueller c/o Clerk of the Court, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California, 501 I Street, Room 4-200, Sacramento, CA, 95814.

For questions or more information, please visit East Side Union High School District’s website at or contact Student Services at 408-347-5331.


Chris D. Funk
Notice of Disclosure of Student Records   English   |   Spanish   |   Vietnamese
California Department of Education FAQs English   |   Spanish    |   Vietnamese
Objection Form  (see page 5)
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California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)


September 10, 2015


Dear Staff & Friends of East Side Union High School District,

The 2014-2015 school year marked the first year that the country took the new Smarter Balanced Assessment in English Language Arts/Literacy and Math. The following is an executive summary of the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) scores from Spring 2014 for East Side Union High School District and Santa Clara County.

The following are key highlights:

  • When looking at the new CAASPP data, we are only able to look at the results for one year, and therefore, cannot make conclusions about trends or growth.
  • The California Standards Test (CST) evaluated students based on an old set of standards; therefore, we cannot make conclusions about students performing better or worse on the new CAASPP tests. Nonetheless, we have a higher percentage of students meeting or exceeding standards on the new CAASPP ELA and Math tests than we had students scoring proficient or above on the 2012-2013 CSTs in ELA and Math.
  • The tests include performance tasks that challenge students to demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving, and to apply their knowledge and skills to real-world problems.
  • This year’s results will establish a new baseline for the progress we expect students to make over time, which was not possible in California’s previous system.
  • Only high school students in grade 11 took the CAASPP. These students took the grade 11 CAASPP regardless of the course they were enrolled in. For example, a student enrolled in Geometry and a student enrolled in Calculus will take the same test.
  • 60% of ESUHSD students met or exceeded the standard in ELA.
  • 39% of ESUHSD students met or exceeded the standard in Math.

The district expects to receive individual student test scores in September. These will be mailed to parents within 20 days of receipt. 


Click here to read more and view charts which provide additional detailed information for the district, county, state and individual schools for grade 11 students. 


Chris D. Funk
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