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The East Side Budget Communicator newsletters is designed to keep District staff and community informed about the latest news and updates around budget, finance, and other issues which impact staff and the District.  The newsletter is presented three times per year (i.e. Fall (October), Winter (February), and Spring (May).  The District's budget is the central focus, however, the newsletter also provides other important information and updates for staff.
As always, we hope you will find the newsletter meaningful and insightful.  If you have any comments, or recommendations for articles and/or questions, you can e-mail Silvia Pelayo at pelayos@esuhsd.org or you may respond directly to Marcus Battle at battlem@esuhsd.org.
2015 Spring
Volume 8
- Governor's 2015-16 Budget
- Second Interim Update for FY 2014-15
- Cadillac Tax - What is it and who pays it?
- Pension Reform and what it represents for Negotiations Statewide
 2014 Fall
Volume 7
- State Budget Update & Reserves
- San Jose Federation of Teachers (AFT) 
- New Game Changer - Ed Tech Bond
- Free Lunch Sign-ups are Down
- Affordable Care Act
- New Company Nurse Program
- Emergency Preparedness
 2014 Spring
Volume 6
- 2014-15 Preliminary Budget
- CalSTRS Update
- Sweeping Changes to the District's Free & Reduced Lunch Program
- New ESUHSD Bay Area Commuter Program
- New Ed Tech Bond
- Budget Q & A
 2014 Winter
Volume 5
- 2nd Interim Update
- LCAP - Moving from Compliance to Empowerment
- Fiscal Excellence is the New Norm
- Free Lunch Sign-ups Reach Historical Milestone
- Big Change in Benefits Department
- Site Safety and Security Update
- Budget Q & A
 2013 Fall
Volume 4
- LCFF- What happened to the COLA?
- Update on Common Core
- What does LCAP mean for ESUHSD
- Free Lunch Sign-up Crucial
- Benefits Audit Results
- Adult Ed Update
- Budget Q & A
 2013 Spring
Volume 3
- Governor Brown's LCFF
- District Budget Unexpected Impacts
- District Uses Creativity to Save
- May Revision - What will it mean for East Side
- Deficit Spending
- What's new for 2013/14
 2013  Winter
Volume 2
- 2nd Interim Update
- Digital Signature
- Laptop Initiative
- Employee Reimbursements
- Fiscal Kudos
- Demographic Study
- Benefits Audit
Inaugural Edition
Volume 1
- Proposition 30 - What it  does it mean?
- Student Fees
- Medi-Cal Claiming
- The Budget Killer
- PERS & STRS Updates