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Marcus Battle, Associate Superintendent of Business Services

Mr. Battle is an experienced, certified school business management professional with over 12 years of school district experience in a variety of districts, ranging in size from as large as 125,000 in enrollment to as small as 3,500. He was most recently the Chief Business Official of the Walnut Creek School District and served in that capacity for almost 3 years. Mr. Battle was responsible for managing and directing district-wide business service functions, including accounting, budget, payroll and benefits, purchasing, food services, risk management, contracts and other related activities. During his tenure at Walnut Creek School District, he successfully navigated the district through a very troubling period by reducing expenses by over $3 million and streamlining operations.

Prior to joining Walnut Creek School District, Mr. Battle was the Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations at the Travis Unified School District where he directed similar district-wide business functions, including transportation, maintenance and operations, and facilities.  Mr. Battle also worked at the Baltimore City Public School System and the
Montgomery County Public Schools in Rockville, MD.

Office:  (408) 347-5051