Superintendent's Council

Name Position Phone
 Chris D. Funk
 Superintendent  408.347.5010
 Marcus Battle
 Associate Superintendent of Business Services
 Cari Vaeth
 Associate Superintendent of Human Resources
 Glenn Vander Zee  Associate Superintendent of Educational Services  408.347.5170 


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Have you contacted the school site administration for answers to your issues and still have questions? The District Cabinet Administrators are the next step in the problem solving process.

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General Information
When a concern arises, based on the situation, different complaint procedures are followed. Appropriate personnel will investigate the complaint and work to resolve the issue in a timely manner. If the person making the complaint is not satisfied with the initial resolution to the complaint, he/she can appeal to Superintendent Chris D. Funk.

Uniform Complaint Form
This form is used when a complaint is lodged against the following programs: Adult Basic Education, Consolidated Categorical Aid Programs (such as Chapter 1, Bilingual), Migrant Education, vocational Education, Child Care and Development, Child Nutrition services, Special Education. Contact the Instructional Services Division at (408) 347-5061.  Click here for filing procedures.

Public Complaint Form
This form is used when a member of the public is filing a formal complaint against a district employee. Click here for filing procedures.