Student Leadership Council

In an effort to obtain input from students throughout the district, a representative of the Board and/or Superintendent meets regularly with student representatives from schools throughout the district to discuss student issues and recommendations. The Board of Trustees are provided full updates on the meetings.  The Board uses input from these students to guide their policy decisions.

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Students continue to influence school Board decisions by actively participating in educational policies.

An example is a Board policy concerning the Food Services and Child Nutrition Program.  Based on an idea from the Student Leadership Council, James Lick students conducted a food survey as a pilot program. As a result, the Board included a recommendation that the Child Nutrition Department conduct annual student surveys to learn about student preferences. (See Administrative Regulation 3550.)

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All students are welcome to participate on this committee.

For more information, call the Student Services Office at 347-5331 or via e-mail at .

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All meetings begin at 4:00 p.m.



Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2016

James Lick High School - Multi-Purpose Room, 57 N. White Road, San Jose

Critical issues which may be discussed include:
Facilities Food Safety
Bathrooms Variety Parking Lots
Water Fountain Quantity Metal Detectors
Graffiti Service ID Cards
Litter Healthy Food Policy Crime Stoppers
  Student Survey Safety Plan
Assessment   Drills and Simulations